Thursday, January 28, 2010

Back to Sleepy Hollow.....

After those few frigid days in the middle of January, the weather decided to behave itself and it has been delightful in Florida. Nice sunny days in the 70's and mild nights...good flipflop and shorts weather!!

So, after we finished up at Lazy Days we moved back up to Florida Grande for a week or so to visit our neighbors and get ready to head West. Norah and Howie were already at FG, so we did our usual routine of projects, eating, cards, eating, visiting, eating...and so forth. Bob and Howie got the Honda set up to tow and the solar panels mounted on both of the motorhomes. I think we are all anxious to be traveling now!

Before we headed out, we wanted one last visit to Sleepy Hollow over in Floral City for their famous $5.00 steaks on Saturday. So word got around and we all headed out to the biker bar under the Spanish Moss.....

Above..... Florida Grande folks...all full of steak!!

Helen, Maryann & Molly (Above left) and Bob & Molly, Maryann & Bill, Paula & ..oops, missed Tom! (Above right)
The weather was perfect for those grilled steaks and the company was even better!!
Helen and Bill along with Janice and Dean came down from The Wilderness, Paul and Connie came from Ocala, Joe and Marcia and Walt and Donna drove up from Tampa, ...Tom and Paula joined us at the MH in Webster, as did Maryann and Bill from Lakeland and we caravan-ed over to Sleepy Hollow!

More good times and good food at Mariachi's!!

It has been awhile since we were all together, so many of us headed back to FG to see the new motorhomes and to have a little more time to visit!! As the day wore on, it was decided that we needed to finish the day off up at Mariachi's Mexican in Bushnell, where we had spent many enjoyable times last winter. The food was really great; we did miss our favorite waitress, Felice, as she has joined the Army..but her nephew took pretty good care of us.
Good friends, laughter, flipflop weather, and a great little Southern Rock-N-Roll band...all under the Spanish Moss ....I'm not sure it gets much better than this!
So the end of January finds us leaving the lovely Florida weather and heading to Northwest Alabama....yes, indeed, on to Red Bay!! Whatever are we thinking?????
It's going to be c-o-l-d up there!! I am going to miss my flipflops!

Friday, January 15, 2010

The Ides of January....

Yes, indeed, January is half over and I'm still on the first week!! The good news is we are all moved into the new motorhome and it is warm again! We are still at Camp Lazy Days and I have not cooked in over three weeks....yikes!...but not to worry....they feed us three wonderful meals every day at the Crown Club so Bob is not starving to a matter of fact we don't even want to think about the pounds we have probably gained!! And we discovered those new little Jello Mousse Temptation thingys.....and they are indeed, tempting! Yes, they are sugar-free and only 60 calories of pure dark, rich fluffy chocolate, so of course, we must have dessert every evening when we return to the motorhome. Yes, I think I am liking this "not cooking" thing! Besides, it will keep my new kitchen looking just like new forever! :) Why didn't I come up with this plan sooner??? If only I can convince Bob that he just needs to eat popcorn and Jello Mousse Temptations as a regular diet, I would have it made. But, alas, my meat and potatoes guy is not going to fall for that one. He does, however, like to eat out!!! (He just plain likes to EAT!) :)
It has been so cold here in Tampa that the Spanish Moss must be frozen and all of the other plants are surely dead!! But we have had a great time here as someone is always coming in to visit. Lots of folks from Florida Grande have been down and joined us for Happy Hour or lunch. And Sunday Paul and Connie Anderson had us all up for lunch at their place in Ocala. She is a great cook and it was fun to spend time with them again, along with the Nankivell's and Howie.

Good buddies..Howie, Connie, Paul, Paula, Tom and Bob

Doug and JoAnn (yes, Filmore's parents!) came by last week and we had a delightful visit with them, despite the cold temperatures. Howard and Linda Payne came down to Tampa for the RV Show and we met them along with Doug and JoAnn, Bill and Debbie, Arlene and Kevin and Jackie and Tony Albacini for dinner on Wednesday evening. Howard and Linda had organized a little "Meet and Greet" at the Tampa Show for Thursday so we all gathered there for a little visit. Oh...and it was 73 degrees and sunshine for the day!!! We were some happy campers!! :)

I had gotten an email from Maryann and Bill Parham who have been reading "the blogs" and met Bobbie and Jim Chapman in Coffeyville, KS. They are here in Leesburg and drove up to meet us all today at the show. What a lovely couple!! We made a plan to visit our favorite Saturday haunt, Sleepy Hollow on Saturday the if you're going to be near the area, plan on meeting us for those great $5.00 steaks at Sleepy Hollow! We sure look forward to seeing them again!

Bill, Maryann, Jim and Bobbie

Of course my camera is "somewhere" in the MH, so I "borrowed" this photo from Bobbie's blog!!! Thanks Bobbie!!

It was also really nice to spend some time getting to know Howard and Linda Payne better...they joined us for Happy Hour at Lazy Days and we spent a lot of time just chatting and laughing, and of course, solving all the world's problems. RV'ers are such a friendly lot and we are truly privileged to meet so many wonderful folks. Howard and Linda share so much of themselves with everyone...we really enjoyed our time with them!

Bill and Helen Moll are also here in Tampa so we're meeting for breakfast at Cracker Barrell this morning!! And it's going to be 75 degrees today!! Yes, indeed, life is good and my toes are warm again!! Where are my flipflops??

Oh, and that lovely frozen fountain marks the entrance to Paul and Connie's place in Ocala...that was on Sunday. Somehow it just seems wrong for fountains to be frozen by the palms!!! That's my story, though, and I'm sticking to it!! I just hope I never see it again!!

Hugs to everyone, and I hope it is warmer, wherever you are!

Friday, January 1, 2010

Happy New Year!

Well, a new decade has dawned, and it only seems like yesterday that we were all preparing for "Y2K" and planning our New Year's Eve party for the new millennium....

We spent this New Year's moving into our new motorhome....yes, we have been looking for quite a while, deciding whether to keep our much loved Dynasty, or move to a newer RV.....and ultimately, Norah and Howie helped align all the stars, as they wanted to buy the we decided on a new Allegro Bus, and Norah and Howie began their trek Eastward and we all met at Lazy Days on Thursday to do the deed!!!

Bob and I are exhausted from moving way too much stuff into the new motorhome, but we finally got it all into our new little cabana, and Howie came over this afternoon to drive the Dynasty into their "moving site" a few sites down from us. That was a truly sad moment for me, as we have had so much joy and so many good times in the Dynasty....but now it is their turn to create more memories and I know they will. At least we'll get to visit it now and then!!!

Santa was very busy this year!!

So, it is both an exciting and busy time for us, as we get everything in place on the motorhome and finish the delivery inspections and let them fix all of the little "quality control" issues....we had no idea this would be so much work!!! I think we will need a vacation soon!!

Happy New Year to everyone and we wish you health and happiness in 2010!!