Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Sunrise on Lancaster Creek.....

Funny, but I realized today is the last day of June, Summer solstice has come and gone, and the days of Summer are now getting shorter.....uh,oh...where have the days gone??

We delighted to join John and Bridget Hatch for a nice lunch at Mimi's ....they were staying in Gordonsville, traveling thru Virginia. We had a great time visiting with these FUN folks from Mississippi! We met them last summer in Branson and have enjoyed keeping up with them....we'll sure look forward to seeing them again soon!

We arrived at our little spot at the River almost two weeks ago, Norah and Howie joined us last Thursday, and the days have melted away. Some hot and humid, some breezy and pleasant and a few in between. Having N&H around is just like wearing my old, favorite jeans.....it's always great to be with them! And I think they really "get it".....about "just being" at the River.

Some of the views from the River......

I "popped" my back just before we left Hannibal, Missouri and suffered with it a lot the past three weeks....it has finally eased up and now I can walk straight again...but it did keep me from doing some things. I think I'm back in the saddle again, so now it's full speed ahead!

Sadly, we lost a dear friend on Saturday, Shirley Sanders lost her brave battle with lung disease. Shirley was a wonderful, very special and Godly woman. We were so glad for the chance to see and visit with her this past week. We know she's running up and down the streets of gold now!!!...but we will surely miss her.

And a very Happy Birthday to my great nephew, Kenneth, who turned 17 on the 28th of June!

This weekend will bring Independence Day celebrations and our little Golf Cart Parade here at Pierson's Island.....time to get the red, white and blue waving on everything we can find!!!

Oh, and yes, the photos are of the early morning sun, as it peaks over Lancaster Creek....our view for a couple of weeks. (Yes, I did get up THAT early!)

Friday, June 12, 2009

Laptop Wook-a-lars...

Yes, we've had the laptop wook-a-lars for the last three or so weeks.....long story short, I am now on my third NEW laptop.....I just could not decide to "like" the first one which was purchased in Sedalia...I really did try to like it, but the mouse and keyboard just did not like my skinny fingers and wrists!! So, arriving in Hannibal, we returned it and it was suggested to drive about 15 miles to a Best Buy in Quincy, IL. So, off across the Mississippi we went, and found what I wanted! Mission accomplished, we happily returned to Mark Twain Landing near Hannibal.

It quickly became apparent that something wasn't operating correctly, so a few days later, returning to the local Best Buy, they promptly handed us a another pretty white laptop, and it looks like we have a winner!!! Whew, it's a lot of work setting up the files, software, etc, all the while, trying to keep my Farm alive!!!

Meanwhile, we have enjoyed nice days with Pam and Smokey at their lovely park in the Missouri countryside. They have really BIG tractors ....and lots of quaint farms just waiting to be photographed!
Big thanks to Pam, for showing us the old farmstead on the main photo above...she has such a good eye for these things!!

And she showed us the old, wringer washer peaking thru the windows of the old cottage...can you see it?

We enjoyed our time in Missouri so much...but, heading East, we're back in Ashland, now, having some things serviced on the MH, before we head down to the river for a few weeks. We have promised to work a couple of days each week for Chris, (the gentleman who bought our business), so we will be busy for awhile! More later on our country adventures in Missouri!
Hugs to everyone!

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Those lazy days of Summer.....

We are here in the land of Mark Twain and Huck Finn.......what better place to spend a few lazy summer days?

This is our first visit to a Corp of Engineers park...it's a beauty! Our "yard" is freshly mowed and the trees offer a cool place for Bob to have his afternoon nap! A huge thanks to Nick for his tip about this inexpensive (cheap-$12 for full hookups!) park!

Located about 20 miles or so Southwest of Hannibal, Missouri, the park is on Mark Twain Lake. Everything here is named "Mark Twain Something-or-other", since most of his adventures began here. We did play tourist a little yesterday, visiting the quaint river-front town of Hannibal and eating some hand-breaded-fried-in-the-cast-iron-skillet Pork Tenderloin at the Old Planters Inn ( thanks to Ed Dray for this tidbit!)! The mighty Mississippi flows alongside side this town and the adventures of Mark Twain make you want to be a child again, for just a little while.

The next few days will bring more exploring of this lovely land that is central Missouri.

The first order of business was to see Smokey and Pam...so we all got together on Sunday....and Monday...to...what else???.....EAT!

It's great to see these guys looking so good and enjoying themselves up here in Mark Twain Landing...they have a great situation....Smokey has a "management consulting" :) position here, and they gave us a tour of the facilities on Monday. I think there were more than seven pools, my favorite being the Wave Pool and the Lazy River:), and there is a lovely pond, surrounded by a grassy hill, with cabins nestled along the ridge of it. The campsites are well laid out, with sun, shade and well trimmed lawns. The people are friendly and the little on-site diner has good food--cheap!! What more can you ask for??? As always, we enjoyed our time with them. Nick and Terry, and Brenda and Ron Speidel joined us, and later Ron and Jeri Lea Hopf arrived at the park and walked up.....good, lazy summer visiting with nice folks!

I never cease to be amazed about what we find to "love" about every place we go. Who knew that the flat green fields and pink clover of Missouri would be so very inviting at the start of Summer? We sure didn't, but we're glad we drifted off to this part of the world!