Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Sunrise on Lancaster Creek.....

Funny, but I realized today is the last day of June, Summer solstice has come and gone, and the days of Summer are now getting shorter.....uh,oh...where have the days gone??

We delighted to join John and Bridget Hatch for a nice lunch at Mimi's ....they were staying in Gordonsville, traveling thru Virginia. We had a great time visiting with these FUN folks from Mississippi! We met them last summer in Branson and have enjoyed keeping up with them....we'll sure look forward to seeing them again soon!

We arrived at our little spot at the River almost two weeks ago, Norah and Howie joined us last Thursday, and the days have melted away. Some hot and humid, some breezy and pleasant and a few in between. Having N&H around is just like wearing my old, favorite jeans.....it's always great to be with them! And I think they really "get it".....about "just being" at the River.

Some of the views from the River......

I "popped" my back just before we left Hannibal, Missouri and suffered with it a lot the past three weeks....it has finally eased up and now I can walk straight again...but it did keep me from doing some things. I think I'm back in the saddle again, so now it's full speed ahead!

Sadly, we lost a dear friend on Saturday, Shirley Sanders lost her brave battle with lung disease. Shirley was a wonderful, very special and Godly woman. We were so glad for the chance to see and visit with her this past week. We know she's running up and down the streets of gold now!!!...but we will surely miss her.

And a very Happy Birthday to my great nephew, Kenneth, who turned 17 on the 28th of June!

This weekend will bring Independence Day celebrations and our little Golf Cart Parade here at Pierson's Island.....time to get the red, white and blue waving on everything we can find!!!

Oh, and yes, the photos are of the early morning sun, as it peaks over Lancaster Creek....our view for a couple of weeks. (Yes, I did get up THAT early!)


Anonymous said...

We just love your pictures of Lancaster Creek. What a gorgeous view!
Roger & Barb Maxey

Pat and Mike McFall said...

Beautiful pictures! Sorry to hear about your back, Molly. I have been there and done that. It's NOT FUN!!!! Hope you are feeling much better.

Randy and Terry said...

It's good to hear from you! I've missed your posts. Your view is just amazing - peaceful, serene, just lovely. And it's wonderful to have friends who "get it," isn't it? Some folks can't figure out how to just be and it's great when you find some that do.

Take care!!