Friday, June 12, 2009

Laptop Wook-a-lars...

Yes, we've had the laptop wook-a-lars for the last three or so weeks.....long story short, I am now on my third NEW laptop.....I just could not decide to "like" the first one which was purchased in Sedalia...I really did try to like it, but the mouse and keyboard just did not like my skinny fingers and wrists!! So, arriving in Hannibal, we returned it and it was suggested to drive about 15 miles to a Best Buy in Quincy, IL. So, off across the Mississippi we went, and found what I wanted! Mission accomplished, we happily returned to Mark Twain Landing near Hannibal.

It quickly became apparent that something wasn't operating correctly, so a few days later, returning to the local Best Buy, they promptly handed us a another pretty white laptop, and it looks like we have a winner!!! Whew, it's a lot of work setting up the files, software, etc, all the while, trying to keep my Farm alive!!!

Meanwhile, we have enjoyed nice days with Pam and Smokey at their lovely park in the Missouri countryside. They have really BIG tractors ....and lots of quaint farms just waiting to be photographed!
Big thanks to Pam, for showing us the old farmstead on the main photo above...she has such a good eye for these things!!

And she showed us the old, wringer washer peaking thru the windows of the old cottage...can you see it?

We enjoyed our time in Missouri so much...but, heading East, we're back in Ashland, now, having some things serviced on the MH, before we head down to the river for a few weeks. We have promised to work a couple of days each week for Chris, (the gentleman who bought our business), so we will be busy for awhile! More later on our country adventures in Missouri!
Hugs to everyone!


Jim and Dee said...

I'm glad you found a laptop, just one of those items you can't live without. Have fun back at the river.

FD5 said...

Where is the river? We will be in Gordonsville, VA until 6/17.

Mark and Dortha said...

Safe travels and have fun at the river!


Terry said...


Must be a down east thingy?

Leavin' Phaeton Place's birthplace, heading for Melbourne this AM.

Roger and Barb said...

We have been following your travels. Sounds like you two have been having a great time. It was good meeting again at Escapade. Wish we could have had time to visit. Hopefully we will see you again soon. Have fun at the river.