Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Packing and moving........Whew!!!

My, oh my, what a job this is!!! How did we ever accumulate so much "Stuff", and what will we ever do with it all????
We have been working pretty much non-stop since we arrived back at the house last Wednesday evening. It looks much like a tornado has blown thru the house....and that drives me crazy!!!!

The kids came down and helped this weekend and selected things that they wanted. Paul took a big load back to the farm and Scott and Tiff got things selected for their new home. They were a big help. But there is still so much stuff!!! We've given lots of things away and packed enough to store at the farm to furnish a small house for us after we decide when and where to build it!!! Then Alfred and Katherine from The Corner Bargain Store came and bought everything out in the garage...Yehaww!!! We were going to do a moving sale, but they sure saved us alot of work and all the stuff is gone from the garage....well, alot of it, anyway!!!

So, we are alive and well and attempting to get moved out of the house. Perhaps we will survive it after all!

Hugs to everyone!

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

The Fourth of July...a nice day with friends

Happy Independence Day!!!

Another pleasant 4th of July has passed……we started with a Breakfast Celebration at 9 am, which lasted most of the day!!!! About 14 of us gathered outside the MH and we all made Chipped Beef, pancakes, egg casserole, homemade cinnamon rolls and coffee cakes, yummmm.…along with Mimosas. What a fun start to the holiday! It was pleasantly sunny most of the morning and the ladies sipped and chatted while the men solved all the world’s problems!!
At noon, we all walked over to tour The Odyssey, a Neoplan bus converted by Sean & Louise. Quite an interesting bus!!! It was nice of them to open it up and share the design with us. The men had too much fun going thru all of the “engineering” stuff on this elaborate RV.
Before we knew it, it was 2:30 and time for cake and ice cream in the pavilion, so off we went to indulge. There was also a celebration for the 30th birthday of Escapees and that was pretty entertaining . Then naps and dinner for most of us.

Of course, we gathered again in the evening for a magnificent fireworks display. Our rigs were parked quite close to the firing range so we had a great view. It was delightfully cool and made for a great 4th of July celebration.

We can’t let the 4th pass without remembering how fortunate and blessed we are to live in, and travel about, this beautiful country. We usually celebrate the 4th at the river (Pearson’s Island) in Simonson, VA and have our own little celebration all day long (much as we did today) complete with the best golf cart parade ever! ( I’m hoping to get a photo to post for you here) So happy Fourth to all of the folks at Pearson’s Island…and to our “kids”, family, and friends at home, we hope your day was grand!! And thanks to all with whom we shared our fun today…we are blessed with good friends and grateful for the good times we’ve shared.

Hugs to everyone....we'll be leaving Gillete and heading east to start packing the house on Sunday!!!

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Happy First of July!!

Well, time sure flies....hard to believe it is the first of July already.

We have been busy having fun with our "jobs" here at Escapade. Bob is having way too much doing his duties here, most of which take place in, on or around a golf cart. :)

It really is a lot of fun....my "job" is to ride around in the cart and give a lift to folks who are walking between buildings on the Cam-Plex here. It is a very large complex, so they have provided trams, shuttles and our rides on the golf carts, to assist people in getting from building to building.

I look for people who might have a cane, or are walking a little more slowly than others, and offer them a ride to their next destination. This is ever so much more fun than real "work"!!! You sure meet the nicest people. Yesterday I gave a ride to a lady from Maryland (just across the river from us), who grew up in Roanoke and whose mother resides in a retirement complex in Roanoke....too funny!!! (For those who don't know, I also was born in Roanoke and my mother moved back there and lives in a retirement complex (Friendship Manor)in Roanoke.) We both enjoyed the story and laughed at our similarities.

The photos today are of an interesting exhibit in the vendor hall. A couple here restore and repair RV's and this is their personal trailer, a vintage 1965 restored Shasta. It is really cute and they have a true "1960's" display, right down to the brightly colored aluminum tumblers and pitcher, out of which we all drank our grape Kool-Aid!

The weather is just lovely...every morning and evening feels crisp like fall, and the mid-day warms up to just about hot. We turned the AC on for the first time yesterday afternoon for a little while, but we really could have managed well without it. The best part....NO HUMDITY!!!! It still feels cool at 85!!

So we are alive and well in Gillette, Wyoming.
Hugs to everyone!