Tuesday, February 5, 2013

The Wheels on the Bus Go Round & Round...

Where does time go? It's hard to believe that it's been a year since this blog was updated, but it's true. And what a year! Being grandparents continues to be about the best thing in the world to us. Little Hayden and his precious smile keep his Nan and Pappy smitten and every minute spent with the little guy is a cherished one.

Of course, there are many photos of the little man......

Grandchildren really do complete life's circle of love!

One of our favorite songs is now "The Wheels on the Bus" and we sing it to Hayden often. It's truly a special song for us as he lights up a thousand-watt smile when he hears it, and we still love to turn those motorhome wheels! We spent most of last winter back in Virginia and kept Hayden for many of those days as Tiff transitioned into a three day work week. Those were truly special days for us as we discovered the joy of being "grands" and loved every day of it. He is such a happy boy and we got so attached to him.

We shared many fun days in Catonsville stolling little Hayden to local cafes and for ice cream during what turned out to be the warmest winter season back home in our memory.

"It's my birthday!"

"I see you Nan!"
 Most of the family gathered at Harryhogan for Hayden's first Thanksgiving. The tradition of roasting oysters and frying turkeys continued and I finally celebrated my first Thanksgiving as a grandma!

Hayden's first Thanksgiving Day...and my first Thanksgiving as Nan!

"Just call me Rudolph!"

There have been wonderful weeks working on the house at Harryhogan......
The project we call "Harryhogan"!

...and the projects are nearing completion! 
Escapade continues to keep us busy and the work we do on the road preparing for it each year is fun and engaging.   After enjoying Christmas week and  celebrating Hayden's first birthday on Christmas Eve, the motorhome fired up and headed Southwest.  We spent a few days with dear friends Keith and Donna in Lufkin.  After a few stops in the Hill Country of Texas, we headed west to Arizona and landed in Quartzsite for another round of boondocking in the desert. 

After all the fun we could stand, we headed on down to Yuma, AZ where the sun is (almost) always shining and every day is WARM!  After being very cold up in Quartzsite for several days, the weather here is just perfect!  We even  sleep with those windows open at night, as the nights are getting warm!

I remember my mom saying never to wish time away as it passes much more quickly as you grow older.  I think I know this to be true as the days just fly by and before we know it, another year has passed.  If only we could make time stand still!  Instead, a year goes by almost before we know it.  So many things to do and places yet to see, and days that we want to share with little Hayden. We can't wait until he can go with us in the motorhome, and yet we selfishly want to keep him just a precious little boy sharing tiny hugs and smiles.

Thus passed the last year in our lives so quickly...can't wait to see what's around the next bend!