Sunday, July 19, 2009

"Blue jobs" and sick guys....

For the most part, we follow the usual "pink jobs" for me and "Blue jobs" for Bob routine, however, I've tried to learn most of the "Blue jobs" in case I ever needed to do them. Soooooo.....I have been practicing those "Blue jobs" for the last two weeks as Bob has been pretty sick with one of the worst Upper Respiratory "things" we've ever seen. Yes, indeed I've sure had more practice this week! He's been to the MD twice and they finally decided that he needed an antibiotic, but by then he was really sick. He has been sick since the 4th of July! Gee, I'll be glad when he gets back to his normal self! Nurse Jane Fuzzy Wuzzy likes our normal routine so much better than our "sick" one!

Norah and Howie departed right after the 4th and the kids went back to Maryland....we enjoyed our time with them tremendously! I drove up to Maryland and spent several fun days with Tiff while Scott was away with his Scout troop at camp (he's a Boy Scout leader).

I've also been playing farmer on the Island here.....several neighbors have tiny gardens with flowers, tomatoes and peppers etc, and while they are away during the week, the plants get quite dry if it doesn't rain. So, I try to keep both the vegetables and the flowers watered a little during the week. This usually requires the filling of my watering can, then a ride on the golf cart, to visit the plots, several times. It is a routine I enjoy, and I have almost abandoned my FarmTown farm while I'm watching all the things growing around us.

Wednesday was spent with Kristy's kids...we went to Panera Bread for lunch and then did some shopping and spent the afternoon together. It was good to see them. Friday, I drove Eric and Trey up to Maryland so that they could spend the weekend with Scott and Tiff. I had planned to stay the weekend also, but Bob was still very sick and I began to have a mild version of his "stuff" so I opted to come back to the river. Scott and Tiff had planned lots of "boy" activities for them....hope they're having fun!

We also had a small tornado come quite close to the Island last Sunday in the midst of the worst thunderstorm we've seen here......lots of trees damaged or downed and trash cans and patio furniture blown everywhere. It was an amazing which I hope we do not see ever again! We were pretty lucky here on the Island and received no major damage, but there was much damage across the creek at Moraticco and up the river also. Lightning hit two pines trees on our lot...sure hope we don't loose them!

So the days are busy just being here....and trying to get Bob recuperated from his awful bout with this illness. I think he's on the way to recovery, but it has sure been a rough couple of weeks for him.

Hope every one is well and enjoying their summer days!


Pat and Mike said...

I wondered why you haven't been posting. Hope Bob is on the way to recovery. Hugs...........

Sandra said...

So sorry to hear about Bob, hope he gets better quickly! It's been far too long for a fulltimer to be sick!

Chuck & Kathy said...

Hope your recovery is now on the fast track, Bob.
Hugs to you both,

Marcia and Joe said...

I am glad to hear that Bob is finally about to kick this illness. I am sure you are a good nurse Fuzzy Wuzzy to Betty Boom Boom. It sounds like you ae staying busy. While you are taking such good care of Bob be sure to take good care of yourself. We love you guys. Marcia and Joe.

Joe and Sherri said...

Bad storms are everywhere!! Hope that is the last of them in your area.

squawmama said...

Oh I do know the BLUE & PINK jobs... It is really good that you have learned the blue because you never know when you'll need them... Hope Bob is feeling better now. Ralph broke his shoulder last New Years Eve and I had to do the Blus jobs for about 5 weeks. Have fun and safe travels


Chasingthe70s said...

Hey BOB milk it while you can, cause you know you will have to pay for it later.
You will have to let the girls win several games to make up for it.

I just hope your partner needs to let them win too.

Hope you get well SOON.

Jenny Johnson said...

Bob, Sorry to hear you are feeling under the weather. I certainly hope this post finds you doing MUCH better. I am sure you are in fine hands with Nurse Jane Fuzzy Wuzzy. You couldn't ask for a better nurse. I do have a recipe that might make you feel better however I am saving it for when I see you then we will ALL feel better!!!

Terry said...


You are my hero!!!!

Another two weeks and you might get the rig waxed!!!

Hey Molly!

The tires are way overdue for the summer air exchange!!!

Bob and Molly said...

Hey Terry, I knew there was a reason we missed y'all! LOL
(besides eating)! :)

Mac and Netters said...

We had bad storms pass through here a couple of weeks ago and lost most of our trees in our yard! I think this year the storms have been worse than normal. Also, hope that Bob is on his way to recovery. Mac had that upper respiratory infection and it seemed to linger for a long time!. Miss ya'll and hope to see you soon!
Mac & Netters

Randy and Terry said...

So sorry to hear Bob's been down and out, but glad that he's on the mend now. Hope you don't get it, Molly!

And we're sad that we won't see you guys at the Gypsy Journal Rally in September. :( But, gotta take care of business, you know. Hopefully, we'll see you at some point down the road.

Take care. Hugs to both of you.

Anonymous said...


Don't think a little cold is going to keep me from callin you a BABY!!! ;-)
Seriously, I know how bad this thing going around can be. Paul had it and he got on antibiotics his 1st trip to the Dr. Even after the full 10 days of them it took him about another week to get back to "normal"
Feel better soon

Leno said...

Gee Bob, so sorry to hear how sick you have been. Hope you are on the road to recovery by now.. At least you had a good nurse looking after you...

Mark and Dortha said...

I have been a little slow in reading blogs, but I hope by now you are feeling better.