Wednesday, November 25, 2009 much to be grateful for

Happy Thanksgiving to everyone! It's good to have a "thankful" time of year, even though we should be giving thanks every single day!

Thanksgiving has always been just about my favorite holiday... we always went to Momma's for the big Feast, with the girls and grandgirls, and families. Mom cooked for days on end and had everybody's favorites....she made the best stuffing ever (doesn't everyone's mum make the best stuffing? :))! In her later years, when she was too weak to do such cooking, she would still cook for days....but she let us bring something and help cook, too. Those were such fun times with good, fond memories! But just like life, things change and those grand, old family Thanksgiving's evolve into new traditions.

"Grannie's Girls"

Last year I truly learned to be grateful for my family and what it means to me. And I do mean that I REALLY LEARNED it, and I will never forget it. God uses people and circumstances to teach us things....He used Kristy to touch my heart in a way that nothing ever has.

Now, I am one of the original Steel Magnolia' know...."Just put on your big girl panties and deal with it"...and I hate to cry. It makes my makeup run and my eyes get all red and swollen....and it really upsets Bob. But being with Kristy last year opened up the faucet in my eyeballs, and it's still tough to think of her, and all she went through, and keep my eyes dry. I never knew that tears could come so easily.

All of this to say that Thanksgiving will forever be changed for me. Not just losing her on Thanksgiving Day, but because of her, I am so grateful for my family...for Bob and Tiff & Scott, and Paul & Katie, and my sisters and their families. I've always known that they were wonderful, and what a blessing they were, but I guess it's too easy to take it for granted. And sometimes God will use a special someone to teach us something that we need to learn. He used Kristy to teach me so many things...she was such a brave girl in the face of her illness, and she loved her kids and her family so very much. I will forever be grateful for all that she taught me in the twilight days of her too-short life, and I am especially grateful for my family and friends that share both "holidays" and "every days" with me, and mean so much to me...there is truly, so much to be grateful for!

Hugs to each and everyone of you and I hope you have a grateful and blessed Thanksgiving.


Sandra said...

What a beautiful post, Molly.

Wanda said...

This time of year brings to mind Kristie's and your relationship and what it meant to each of you. She saw you in a light that she had never seen before and you helped her with some very difficult times. The memories you have from your time spent with her can never be taken from you.

I too am grateful for the gift of my sisters and their families. I'm also truly grateful for the love of my husband and my mother in law who loves me as her own. Happy Thanksgiving dear sister - you did a great job in relaying your feelings - love you - Wanda

macattack said...

You and Bob are genuine gems.Netters and I wish you both a glorious and happy Thanksgiving....HUGS

Bobbie and Salvatore said...

AMEN!! Those were wonderful words you wrote!! We wish you a wonderful and joyous Thanksgiving Day and Every Day!!! Hugs to you both!!
Bobbie & Sal

Randy and Pam Warner said...

Great post. Thanks for the reminder on how God uses people and circumstances in our life.

Have a great Thanksgiving!

Allan and Jeanne said...

Happy Thanksgiving to you both Bob and Molly. God is good and we feel so blessed. We all have so much to be thankful for. Thank you for sharing this post with us. We are happy that this year you were able to spend time with your family and and friends.
God bless,
Allan and Jeanne

Chuck-Kathy said...

Well, you did it again, kleenex came out. You guys are the best, thanks for the reminder that looking back teaches us to look forward just a little clearer
Hugs, Kathy

Mike McFall said...

WOW, Molly what a wonderful Blog. I sure know what your talking about,, My Scott taught me more about life in 10 months than I ever taught him. Never a day goes by that my eyes don't tear up as I think of him. It seems difficult to move on and continue without him,,,but I know he would want me to,,,that keeps me going.
Again, thants for such a neat Blog, it was so well put!!
Bless You!

Roger and Barb said...

Hi Bob and Molly,
Glad to hear you had a great Thanksgiving. Your post about family was beautiful. We feel the same way about family. We plan on being home every Nov. and Dec. even though we are fulltiming now. We just can't stay away from family during the holidays.

KK said...

Thank you Molly for all you have done for all of us this past year. I still can't look at Kristy's pictures and the flash backs don't come as offer as they used to. God had a purpose in all our lives for doing this and one day maybe I will understand. She use to tell me "Mom, don't worry about me you have enough to do" So now when I listen to AllenJackson's "Sissie's Song" I know that I'm not a lone in my thoughts. I'm still angry at God and until I get over that I can't heal. So I'm grateful for your words and your caring.