Thursday, December 17, 2009

I'm dreaming of a Blue Christmas....

Yes, indeed, I know....where the sun is shining and the skies are bright blue....and the weather is WARM! "Christmas Island" is my favorite Christmas carol!

I'm nothing, if not a warm weather gal!! And the weather here in Florida has been sooooo goood! In the upper seventies every day with pretty blue skies...oh my! such a thing to be grateful for!!!

However, it looks like that is going to change.... those blue skies are going to be gray for a couple of days, and the stuff falling is NOT's just clear and wet!! :( Oh well, it makes that drive North next week not quite so shocking to the system!!!

It's been a busy time here at Florida Grande...Monday we had a great visit with buds Paul and Connie and we split the winnings....well, we let the guys win once, in our not-so-famous card games!

Paul tries to steal our "golden lucky horseshoe"!!!

On Tuesday Jo and Pete Peters hosted a Christmas gathering in Lakeland which was really fun!!! And then there are the parades and all the other little "gatherings", usually involving food or "Happy Hours", that are ever-so-much MORE fun in WARM weather!!!

Could that be Jo Peter's best side???

Warming our hands over the "mock" camp fire!!

You know, snow really is way over-rated!! Watching the Christmas Parade is GREAT when it is WARM!! I could still feel my toes when Santa brought up the end.....and even better, I was wearing Flip-flops!!!

"Here Come's Santa Claus"...sounds so much better at 80 degrees!

So we have a little more fun planned, and a gathering at Sleepy Hollow on Saturday before we leave the "Blue" skies here and head North to see the kiddies for Christmas.
Put another log on the fire for us, please!!! :) And make my Christmas tree....... a Palm!:)

I'll still be dreaming of that warm, blue Christmas!!


Mike McFall said...

Hope you guys get down here tom Retama before we leave at the end of Jan,,,,,,
Would love to see ya!!

Have a super Merry Christmas!!!

Joe and Sherri said...

You know it is just plain bad that you tell us po folks about how warm you are and us up here sooo cold! Well maybe next year we will warm up in the south.

JB said...

I'm with Joe, last Sunday morning it was -47C here in Fort St. John, luckily I was in Vegas and by the time I got back at 5:00PM a warming trend had hit and it was up to -39C. Love the new Christmas look of the journal, and felt much warmer reading about your Santa Claus parade than watching ours.