Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Red Bay, AL

Eight degrees yesterday morning in Red Bay....too cold for anywhere, is what I think about that!

We have been at Coldwater Inn in Tuscumbia, AL for the last ten days, and with the frigid weather that has been a good thing! It snowed almost all day Sunday, but no accumulation, thank heavens!! What is up with the weather??? Cold everywhere except where we are supposed to be!!

Dennis Hill arrived Sunday to enjoy the cold weather. It sure was good to see a familiar face! We've had custody of the now almost famous "Little Green Man" since we left Abbeville.... we decided to return the little guy to his rightful owner! He has recovered nicely from his recent 'turtle napping' and hanging at the rally in Goshen. He really needs a jacket's awfully cold outside!!

As an update, they should finish with the MH in the cabinet shop today! the last ten days, they have replaced much of the tile floors and done a tremendous amount of cabinet and wall work; all of the technicians have done a nice job and we are pretty pleased. Today they should move it to the paint bay and bring the cleaners in, to get all the sawdust and grit cleaned out.
So, if the creek don't rise, we hope to be driving out of here on Friday....oh, happy day!!! :)

I am one of those that LOVE travel is always exciting when Bob fires up the engine and I climb in my seat and buckle up...I can't wait to see what's coming up around the next turn, especially if it's new territory for us. Not to mention finding warmer weather and good friends ahead...leave the light on for us...the countdown is on!


Mark and Dortha said...

Sorry you are having to put up with the cold weather, but glad you are getting the MH all fixed up. I know you will be soooooo glad to have all that behind you.

Hope you are on schedule to get out of Red Bay and on your way to new adventures.

Travel safe and hugs to you both.

Jim and Dee said...

You've been in Red Bay and we've been in Lazy Days, Fl. It's been so cold here that we were very glad to be in the service bay. We've had a great time meeting with people that FULLTIME, finally. That's one way to meet up. Good luck in getting on the move on Fri. We leave tomorrow (Thurs).

Debbie Goode said...

I'm glad to hear things are going your way and you will soon be on the road. I'm like you...I love travel days! Be Safe and Be Happy!

Anonymous said...

I need your address for mailing the 2011 Volunteer Questioneer. We met in Goshen enjoyed a great rally.
My E-Mail address is
Jack Allen SKP#98448