Friday, February 3, 2012

Words of a grandma....

A truly wonderful and amazing thing happened on Christmas Eve; little Hayden Eric showed up, almost right on time, and what a Christmas gift!

There was no question that he would be loved...but there was NO CLUE that he would just steal your heart right away, until I laid eyes on him and held his sweet little self. There really is something special about grandbabies and now I know it for myself!

He calls me "Nan"...well, not just yet, but soon!

His mom and dad are pretty smitten by the little guy too..

So, the travels of the year and the fun of Escapade have dimmed in our rear-view mirror just now. Not wanting to miss seeing this little guy grow, we'll stay here in Virginia at Harryhogan and back in Maryland at Catonsville with the little man until around June, when the wheels will turn again for a while.

Just one more photo of the little guy we love to pieces...

With love from Nan!


JB said...

He is a handsome little charmer. Enjoy him

Caroart said...
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Caroart said...

Such a perfect, beautiful baby! Enjoy your time with him. It's gonna be really hard to leave...

Michael and Dee said...

Grand babies are so special, and we are allowed to spoil them as much as we want!!!

Mike and Dee

Jim and Bobbie said...

Molly, so happy for you and all the wonders you will be experiencing with this little guy.

Randy and Terry said...

Oh, yes. Those grandbabies steal your heart even more than our own kids did, I think. Such joy they bring to our lives. So glad you and Bob are able to be there!

And he is a cutie!

corey said...

OMG Molly he is so freaking cute.Love the Santa suit.Hope you guys are doing well,looks like you are according to the blog.Hope Bobby is doing well from his surgery.Miss you guys like crazy and would love to see ya.

squawmama said...

He is just gorgeous ~ I I know you'll be loving up on him and kissing those cute little cheeks...
Have fun & Travel safe

Brenda Brown said...

OMG Molly he is so beautiful.

I always say LOVE is such a wonderful amazing thing. You never run out you just make more.

Take Care

Speedy said...

Once we heard the first heart beat...then we held him in our arms that was it...There is no other feeling in the world like that of a small sweet baby snuggled in your knowing that they depend on you for so much. That is why we have ours now. We are all he has and we will be there for him always. Like Kris told his Mama...your not old Mama you just look old...

Anonymous said...

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