Sunday, December 30, 2007

Traveling West.....

We left our home in Warsaw, Va early on Christmas Eve, 2007 to commence our travels westward, first headed to Yuma, AZ, then Quartzsite, AZ and ultimately to California and several points in between. Thus begins our travel diary...........

Thought I would let you know we are still traveling west….we are in Pecos, Texas right now where we have met up with some RVing friends. We will spend a few days exploring here…this area is in the western panhandle about 200 miles east of the New Mexico border. Midland, TX is about 80 miles away, which is the home of President Bush. We may return there tomorrow to visit the Confederate Air Force Museum, to see a collection of the old Air Force planes. We also want to see the Museum of Petroleum, as this is definitely oil well country; there must be many thousands of oil pumpers in the plains here. There is, however, not much else! The country we have traversed over I 20 has been very remote for the most part, after we passed the Dallas area. The area around here and thru El Paso and into New Mexico is well known as the territory of Bill the Kid, so we plan to learn a little something about him also. As we travel down the road, I will lookup the things of interest about the state or area and read it to Bob while he drives, so we have been reviewing our history lessons on the southern states for the last few days!

The sunsets over the plains are truly spectacular and seem to last for hours…it is so FLAT here you can see forever. The days are pretty warm but the nights are cool or downright cold.

We spent Christmas Eve and Day in Roanoke with Grannie and Wanda (Molly’s mother and sister), attending Christmas Eve services with Wanda at her church in Poages Mill. It was really special, as Wanda sang “O Holy Night” and it has been probably been well over….uhh….at least 44 years since I’ve spent Christmas Eve with Wanda. (maybe longer….she’s getting pretty old, you know! :)

On Wednesday we continued West on I 40 to Asheville then turned south on 23 traveling thru the mountains of Georgia. A pretty Alpine-ish area with good roads….we will try to return there to explore sometime. While in NC, we met Melody Eller, Ricky and Leslie Speas, and Gary and Vicki Bell for dinner in Winston-Salem. It was so good to see our Holy Land traveling friends again, and especially to see our dear sweet girl Melody! They all send their love and best wishes to the rest of our group from the Northern Neck.

We spent Thursday night in Talledega, AL and it was WARM! As we traveled thru Mississippi and LA it was in the 70’s, then it has remained mostly in the upper 60’s in Texas.

We really miss our Sunday School class today… seems odd not to be there.

So we are alive and well and enjoying everything we see and learn. I plan to get the blog going once we get to Yuma and settle down for awhile, but I will try to email you and let you know that we’re still moving along!

Oh and Happy Birthday to Mary K and Kathryn on Dec 31st!
Love to everyone!

The entries previous to today's date are from our trip to The Holy Land in October, 2008!

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