Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Still traveling West...........

Happy New Year Everyone! We are still heading west; are in Casa Grande, Arizona right now and are on the last leg of our journey as we will arrive in Yuma shortly after lunch today where we will join some more Rving friends and will stay for awhile before heading to Quartzsite.

We spent a couple of days in Pecos, Texas then headed west, traveling thru more high plains and ruggedly beautiful flatlands. The sunrises and sunsets are remarkable, as they illuminate the far off mountain peaks and the huge rock formations change from blues to rosey orange. God’s paintbrush is at work everyday. We spent a day in Las Cruces, NM and visited La Mesilla, the old western village where they held Billy the Kid. We had wonderful Mexican food there on New Year’s eve with Ron & Linda. We were never quite sure when the New Year arrived, as we’ve crossed a couple of time zones and never really know what time it is anymore! (This is not a bad thing!) I have not worn a watch since I lost my old favorite watch at Tiff’s house in the summer….I just use my cell phone when I want to know what time it is…..which is not very often! We also had the Texas specialty of Chicken Fried Steak with gravy and mashed potatoes the other night…yum…it was the best we’ve ever had! And I’ve never really been a fan of it, but boy was it good!

We have had quite the adventure keeping up with Minkie, our cat. She has disappeared twice on us and we surely thought she was gone. She might have nine lives, but she is definitely shortening ours as it is just too stressful thinking she is lost to us. She managed to get into a tiny little opening (about 3”x 3”) next to the slide out and we could not get her out. She traveled all across NM and into AZ in that hole. We thought she would surely come dashing out as soon as we stopped and opened the slide…but nope. She stayed tight in that hole. Finally Bob reached in and got his hand on her tail and kept pulling until he got her out. Thank goodness she is wearing Le Press On Nails (Soft Paws) so she could not dig her claws in. He still got his hand all torn up and came out bleeding…but Minkie was just as happy as ever. She seems to be loving this road trip.

We are now crossing the desert between Tucson and Yuma. Yuma is at the very tip SW end of AZ, right at the border of CA and Mexico, in case you want to know where it is. It is WARM and SUNNY there!

We miss everyone and love hearing from you. We have attached our avatar photo, (KK, you can see my very short hair!) which was taken in Las Cruces. (Minkie did not make this photo…she was still stuck in the hole!)

We were very sorry to hear from Dale that Huney Spruell (the “Mayor” at the river) died last night. He called us about 11 pm to let us know Huney’s heart just finally quit. We will miss him at the river.

Love & Hugs to each of you!
Molly & Bob

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