Monday, January 7, 2008

Church and a Clambake in the desert....

We arose early Sunday morning to attend 8:00 services at Foothills Baptist Church, just down the street. We truly enjoyed it and right after Church we met Jo & Jim at the little Mexican eatery for a late breakfast! The Mexican restaurants here do a great breakfast...Omelets and burritos with eggs well disguised--just the way I like them! (It's not quite the same as our Sunday-after-Church lunches at Los Portales in Warsaw which we miss very save us a seat! :) )

Since it was JoEllen's birthday, Bob decided to do a Clambake to celebrate in her honor. Only one small clams to be found in the desert! So we had the Clambake with out the clams....I suppose it was just a "Steampot"....but it was still yummy! Lots of corn on the cob, potatoes, carrots, onions, chicken and shrimp with OleBay! We made Spoonbread and had lots of other dishes. It was a beautiful sunny day and there were about 18 of us to enjoy the birthday party, many of whom had never partaken of the "clambake" type dining (nor the spoonbread) so it was great fun to share something new with our RVing friends, and especially with Jo, the birthday girl! Afterwards the guys built a fire in the pit and we all sat around the campfire until about 10 PM. Campfires are a true luxury here, as there are no trees within miles, thus no firewood! So we got a case of firelogs from Wal-mart and Jim rounded up a few pieces of wood and we kept the fire burning for a few nice hours!

Another lovely day in the desert!

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