Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Sunshine, flowers, no dust and....Physical Therapy!

Flowers blooming!

Well, we are settled in a SunLife Resort in Mesa, Az, which is on the eastern side of Phoenix. The days are mostly sunny, warm and lovely with bright blue skies. On Sunday it rained all day long, which is most unusual for this area. It was the remnants of the California storm visiting this area. It should make the desert bloom brightly soon!

This is a great park...lots of flowers and perfectly manicured streets and sites.........never a speck of anything out of order! Such a welcome contrast to life in Quartzsite!

We have seen Dawn (Bob's niece) several times and really enjoy our visits with her. We got a call from Ronnie, Bob's brother, in Cottonwood letting us know that he has been in the hospital and deathly ill, due to a complication of a toe infection (he is diabetic) and a subsequent blood clot to his heart. So we will be heading that way to check on him.

I have been looking for a Physical Therapist to start therapy on my shoulder and have found a winner here in Mesa. Just across the street is Maughan PT and what a facility and staff they have! These folks are really something. It is a first class facility and the staff is so energetic, upbeat, friendly and professional. Burke Maughan is my therapist, and he has someone constantly working with you and motivating you to press on; they all have such a positive manner and a special way of making you want to excel every moment.
I am truly grateful to have discovered this therapist and will remain here for PT until February 7th, when we head for Casa Grande. They have provided a challenging assortment of daily exercises (full of pain, needless to say!) that requires full effort every day. I'm so glad to get to this stage, in order to get the strength back in my arm!

We have mostly been running errands and cleaning the MH from top to bottom, scourging the dust from Q. The carpets were cleaned yesterday so hopefully we are finished with the cleaning projects. (At least for awhile:))

We have been enjoying the pool and hottub and reading in the sunny afternoons!

Tomorrow brings more therapy and sunshine...we are grateful for every day!

The American and Canadian flags fly in the clear blue sky!

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