Friday, February 1, 2008

More therapy, a little "project" and dinner with friends

Therapist, Burke Maughan

Wednesday was another sunny day. Therapy starts at 9 am and it was a little coolish, so Bob drove me over and dropped me off. Another good session and more exercises to do! I walked back to the MH a little after 10 am. We spent some time waiting for the LP gas serviceman to arrive. Bob is having a new line installed to make it easier to hook up his CampChef outdoor cooker. Whatever he wants is great by me, since he does lots of the cooking outdoors on his "stove"! It has turned into quite a little project so it may take a few days to get it completed!

A trip to Camping World was necessary, to secure some little part for the "gas line project". Later on, we took our evening walk around the park and had a visit to the hot tub. We enjoy walking around the park each evening then sitting in the hot tub for awhile.

We had made plans to meet Sandra and Gordon, friends from RV dreams for dinner at a local Mexican restaurant. They are staying at the Usery Mountain Park further out in Mesa and are from Ottowa, Ontario. They spend about 6 months each year traveling the southwest USA to enjoy the warmer weather before returning to Ottowa in April. What a lovely couple! We enjoyed our dinner with them and had a tasty chimichanga.
Sandra & Gordon with Bob & Molly

It was another nice day!

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