Sunday, February 3, 2008

Superbowl and some sad news from home...

Saturday was a beautiful day; bright, sunny and in the seventies. I did laundry and Bob cleaned and polished the motorhome in morning. The afternoon was spent warming up the bones in the sun and reading some James Patterson. It was a nice, relaxing day.

Late in the day I checked my email and was very sorry to hear from my sister, Kathryn, in Ashland, that my niece, Kristy, (her daughter) has been hospitalized and was diagnosed with leukemia on Friday. They moved her to the cancer center at MCV hospital and she is now in ICU in critical condition with complications. Kristy has four young children and now has a battle for her life...we are so sorry to learn of this news and will keep her in our prayers. This was very sad news, indeed. Thankfully, MCV has great resources and R&D for advanced treatment, so we are hopeful they will work wonders for her.

Our site in SunLife and motorhome after Bob's polishing

Friday evening we met Dawn and Ronnie in Scottsdale for dinner to celebrate her half-brothers' birthday. We saw a little of the Superbowl festivities, limos, buses, etc, but overall the traffic wasn't bad nor was the restaurant too crowded. Olive Garden is one of our favorite restaurants so we enjoyed our dinner and our time with Dawn.

Sunday was Superbowl day and it dawned a bit cloudy with rain threatening. It has been pretty and sunny most of the week, but the sun only shone for a few hours late in the afternoon for the Superbowl. We went up to the clubhouse for a Superbowl party around 3:30 to have snacks and watch the commercials, uh, & the game! It was a good game and we enjoyed it.

Later we walked thru the park and took some late sunset photos thru the palms here.

We also wish a very Happy Birthday on Sunday February 3rd to my sister, Brenda in Galax, VA!!

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JoeandMarcia said...

We are sorry to hear about your niece, and we will add her to our prayer list.

thanks for sharing your adventures with us.