Friday, February 15, 2008

Gypsy Journal Rally in Casa Grande

The Rally started on Monday afternoon. You may be wondering what happens at a RV rally....well it's about getting together with other Rver's to camp, eat, attend seminars and do some things that benefit others, all at the same time, and have fun while doing it. So this is exactly what we did in Casa Grande.

Of course we went out to eat several times and enjoyed that. We also had a Sweetheart Appetizer dinner on Valentine's Day.

Some of the seminars available were about Rving and things you need to know to do so safely, etc. There were fire safety sessions, presentations on traveling in Alaska, and even one on writing creatively and creating blogs. We also collected food for the Food Bank and the food was delivered to the little town of nearby Coolidge.

And then there was the Miss Cactus Queen Contest!!! Now, Bob has some experience with this endeavor, so he was pressed into service! We managed to get 8 men involved in the "contest", which would benefit the C.A.R.E. portion of Escapees. (CARE is an assisted living option in Livingston, Texas) The photos tell the whole story....

BELOW: Cheri Holcomb applies Mary Kay make-up to Boom Boom Betty Bedwetter

ABOVE:Nurse Jane Fuzzy Wuzzy (Tony Jones)

ABOVE:Rosie LaRoach (Howie Glover), Boom Boom Betty Bedwetter (Bob) & Sally Salmonella (Jim Chapman)

Left:Rosie La Roach (Howie Glover) with Nick Russell, emcee, Right: Boom Boom Betty Bedwetter (Bob Pinner) Below: Nurse Jane Fuzzy Wuzzy (Tony Jones) and baby Cabbage Patch Nicky

ABOVE LEFT: Esther Estrogena (Sal Tumolo)Miss Cactus Queen 2008 ABOVE RIGHT: Carletta Carwasha (Joe Jones)

At the end of the contest. the "ladies" waited at the exit and literally passed their hats, collecting a total of over $800 which will be sent to C.A.R.E.

ABOVE LEFT: Tanya Tonsillitis (Paul Anderson) with wife Connie ABOVE RIGHT: Nick and Miss Terry Russell share a dance after the contest

There has been rain on several days out here so the desert is getting rather green. It's very interesting to see the buttes and the sand with the little greenish tint. I can't wait to see the desert when it really starts blooming! It should be good this year.

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