Saturday, February 9, 2008

The Commemorative Air Force Museum, Arizona Wing

While in Mesa, we visited the Commemorative Air Force Museum. Normally they house many old planes used in defending the USA by the Air Force, as well as planes from other countries. However, due to the fact that the facility had been rented out for a Superbowl party, most of the planes had been moved. We did see the WWII era B17 fighter "Sentimental Journey" and took several photos.

The gunners in the B17 had to be of very small stature....the turrets were tight and small. And of course, the gun operators were easy pickin's for enemy fire, as they were almost completely exposed. Brave men, they were, that manned these guns.

Quite a cable system used in the B17!

Our next stop is Casa Grande and the Gypsy Journal Gathering Rally!

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