Thursday, January 24, 2008

Twelve days in the desert.....

The USA Flag and the Virginia Flag fly in the Arizona desert

One of many Pot Luck dinners!

Well, time has flown this past week.... we've spent the last 12 days having so much fun in the BLM lands in the Quartzsite desert that I've not taken the time to write on the blog! We'll be heading out to Phoenix now, leaving behind the fun, friends, and great times, along with the dust, dirt and wind!!

Bob, Jim and Joe relaxing on The Mat

As many have said before, it is a love/hate relationship with the desert lands here. We love the stark beauty of the desert and the mountain scapes; love the fun we've had laughing and cooking and sitting at the campfires everyday; love the exploring of the desert lands and the vendor tents up in town; love the absolute blackness of the desert sky at night, making the stars vivid against the black night; but one soon tires of the blowing wind and dust EVERYWHERE! And of course, since we are boondocking and using solar energy and generator power, we have to be very stingy with our energy and water use. It will be so nice to take a long hot shower, instead of the momentary "Navy" showers we take every day! We will miss our RV buddies, and the new friends we've made here, but it will be so nice to see green again and have "hook-ups"! Water, sewer, and electric will be such a

We gals have had so much fun together.....planning meals....forming the T.E.C. (The Estrogen Club)...laughing at the men and all of their 'projects'. We laughed so much that we surely exercised our stomach muscles quite well. We actually went into town to the Too Crazy Ladies name tag booth and had little tags made that say "T.E.C." Charter Member! We have worn these tags all week and made many memories in the process!

The pain in my shoulder has finally begun to ease up a little. I can use it a bit more and am sleeping much better at night, as it does not feel like it's going to rip out of the socket every time I move! I have to exercise it every day by raising the arm and pushing it up as straight with my right hand. After watching me do this many times, everyone began to do the same, raising their left arm up, and began to call this the "Molly Wave". It's great to have support from your friends! :) Thanks, guys!!:)
Everyone does the "Molly Wave", exercising the shoulder per doctor's instructions!

So, we will depart for Mesa, AZ, to spend some time in a nice RV Resort with all the amenities, and to spend some time with our niece, Dawn, and to see Bob's brother, Ronnie in Cottonwood. We will take wonderful memories of Quartzsite with us, but we'll sure be glad to leave the dust behind! :)

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