Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Rockhounding (Geode digging) and other desert entertainment

< Monday morning Jim and Bobbie Chapman of Alamosa, Colorada, prepared a terrific breakfast of homemade biscuits and sausage gravy. The morning was cool but this treat was enjoyed by all and Yum...Yum...good!

We then hopped in their truck and drove about 20 miles into Blythe, CA for groceries, mail and such. Blythe is a pretty little desert town, but we all found out very quickly that one you cross the California line the price of everything goes up by about thirty percent! We could not believe the prices! Eggs were $3.29 a dozen and milk was over $6.00 a gallon. Even the price of produce was inflated! So we got what we needed, had a great little Mexican lunch at Maria's and then headed back to Quartzsite. We will be spending as little time as possible in the great $tate of California.

Karen & Gary Crenshaw in the Rhino desert vehicle

Fellow RVers Gary and Karen Crenshaw (Texans) have introduced us to Geode Digging or rockhounding, as many know it. She is an avid rockhound and will take you out geode digging most anytime. Joe and Marcia Jones (Kentuckians) went with them, driving about 70 miles into the California desert then continuing 17 miles off the road into the desert to a geode site.
They search for many types of gem or quartz formations as well as fossils and other rock types. Karen showed us some amazing prehistoric fish fossils from previous digs and many lovely stones which she has cleaned, sanded and finished into lovely gems.
There are an abundance of rainbow colored stones in this area; inspecting the loose stones around our camp area you will easily find beautiful turquoise, lavender, and red hues stones. So we have all learned a little from Karen about the geodes and gems of the area.

Marcia & Karen with their Geo finds Prehistoric Fish Fossil

There has been alot of relaxing in the sun, a little shopping and generally having fun going on! Lots of campfires too!

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