Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Crossing the border to Los Algodoches...

Tuesday morning we all met at Dairy Queen for breakfast. Now, there are no Hardee's in Arizona so Bob has missed his morning "Liar's Club" meetings, and his Sausage and Egg biscuits. DQ will definitely give Hardee's a run for the money on breakfast! We had yummy biscuits and gravy and big breakfast plates, and even burritos stuffed with ham, bacon, eggs and hash browns that were delicious and "cheap"!

So, being suitably stuffed we drove the 15 miles or so to the border crossing in California, parked our vehicles and walked across the border into Los Algodoches. This town is situated right on the border and caters to the Americans who come over to buy drugs and have dental and medical treatments done. There must be 20 or 30 pharmacia's with English speaking staff who will prescribe your drugs on the spot and give you up to 90 days supply at about 1/3 the cost of our prescription drugs at home! We spent a great deal of time checking out Bob's Lotrel prescription to make sure it was correct. We looked at the packaging; they were all fresh, sealed cartons, manufactured in Brussels, Rio, or Canada and had long term expirations. So we decided to buy a 90 day supply and give it a try. We will monitor his BP on his American drug for several days and then try the Mexican version and continue the monitoring at the same time each day to be certain that there is no change. We'll let you know what the results are.

We also bought some Ibuprofen and other little things which are much cheaper there. It really is confounding that other countries can offer phamacueticals so much cheaper than the USA....just doesn't seem right!

After we all shopped for drugs, we met at the little garden restaurant and had a Mexican lunch. It was a nice, sunny day and we enjoyed sitting there with our lunch, but the food was not as good as other that we have enjoyed in Texas and Arizona. We then left to get in the line to return to the USA, which took about 50 minutes to re-enter the country. It takes much longer to re-enter with an automobile, so for this reason most Americans simply walk over. There were also many Mexicans re-entering the USA. The border seemed well manned and at one point a Black Hawk helicopter hovered over an area for about 15 minutes. Not sure what they were looking for as we saw nothing out of the ordinary.

All in all a very pleasant and informative day!

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