Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Curly Kale, turnip greens...and baby Peeps

On the way home from Myrtle Beach, we stopped to get some fresh greens. Grannie (mom) was a great cook, and one of the many things we loved were her greens, and most especially her turnips. Now, I don't eat turnips, unless they were Mom's; her's were always so sweet and tender, and we loved to smash them up with oh my, those were good! At the produce farm, they had fresh kale and turnip greens, and some tiny, tender turnips, so we purchase some and brought them back to the farm. It was decided that I would attempt to make the turnips like Mom did. Now, I've cooked the greens many times, but this was the first turnip attempt. They could never be as good as her's, but they were mighty fine! Bob and Paul and I feasted on those sweet and tender root veggies and thought about how good Grannie's were!! The greens weren't too shabby either, of course we had to slather those with Chow-chow, and a side of roasted pork loin and cornbread!!! Yum was good eating on the farm last night!!

There was also a great surprise at the farm upon our return....we now have grand-chicks....23 of them! Katie and Paul ordered baby peeps for the hen house!! These little peeps are so fluffly and sweet and grow several inches per day (or so it seems!) She's keeping them warm and protected in the basement right now. Soon they will each be named after chicken know...dumplin', caccatorie, fried, kiev, divan any good chicken dish ideas for these little peeps?? And soon we'll have fresh eggs! (well, after the rooster arrives!) :)

Kristy is doing better and making progress so it is a blessing to see her coming along now. She has struggled so much...I'm hoping things will look up dramatically for her very soon! Most of each day is still spent at the hospital with her. She's such a good patient that it makes Nurse Jane Fuzzy Wuzzy's job a breeze. Many thanks to all of you who have sent cards and warm sentiments. It means alot and she enjoys it.

Big hugs to everyone!

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