Monday, August 31, 2009

Middle ground...and 'nuff said!

Well, there were some great responses to the question asked in the last blog, and I am truly grateful to everyone who commented or took the time to email me with good so many instances the "middle ground" is much broader than we recognize, and many of us are not nearly so far apart in our thinking as it might on the surface seem. "Walking a mile" in each others shoes is important if we are to understand different ideals. This was the reason for my question, as I knew that there were lots of folks with interesting stands. :)

We've also had some great debates here on the island this weekend with our much loved liberal and conservative friends...and while sharing a glass of wine or two.....we all acknowledged that it's good to get the discussions going in an understanding manner...and that in the scheme of things, we're all still buddies enjoying enjoying the river breeze and late summer sunsets. Hey...maybe we should all go to Washington....we could probably get something done if we took the Blueberry wine with us!
Hugs to everyone and 'nuff said!


Jim & Nanc said...

Right wing left wing I guess you need both if you are going to fly:) HUGS

squawmama said...

I like the comment just before mine! And wine always helps ☺☺☺

Have Fun & Travel Safe

Chasingthe70s said...

Never "nuff said", unless everyone agrees with me.

greg and jean said...

Bob trying to get in touch with you - sent email no luck. If you have time please send me an email Want some motor home advice.

greg and jean