Sunday, June 27, 2010

Down on the Farm

After our time at Tiff’s, we returned to Montpelier to  do ‘farm things’.   Being one of the hottest June’s I can remember, we just kept on doing our thing, and spending as much time as possible with the kids.   Paul was on vacation from the House most of the time we were there, so he and Bob got lots of things done, while I……..Eggs 001George and Eggs 015

gathered and washed eggs (that’s only about four dozen, Deb!)…..and “mow de lawn”…….Pete & Robin & Katie 241…there is soooo much grass to cut! (We’re still waiting for Dortha to send Andrew up!) Since it’s something I enjoy doing,  it seems nice to give Katie and Paul a break from their routine.

I love working outdoors, and decided that I would tackle some of the undergrowth while the guys were building a “chip pit” for Katie.   (This is for the wood shavings (chips) that go in the stalls)   Well, the undergrowth project proved to be a mighty one…so after complaining that I had NO power tools(well, none that I could handle myself!)…and the guys have every conceivable powered tool, machine or device known to man…..I got a  “Goat”…..yes, indeed, this goat eats everything, and I can clear around fence lines,  drives, the barn, creek….you name it, and the goat will chew it up!! I am a happy girl!!!   So, many of the days were spent behind my goat…..we were delighted to discover blueberries growing all over the front hill.…the goat spared most of those. 

After we got the bushwacker  home, I couldn’t help but think about Daddy’s “goat”…..he had a yard and leaf vacuum, which Mama always called “the goat”.   It must have weighed about 3oo pounds and was self propelled; he used it constantly to vacuum the yard.   After Daddy died, I remember trying to use that old goat, which must have been at least twenty years old by then….it was way too heavy for me  to manage.  I’m not sure who got it, but that old goat was still running strong when Mama sold her home.   The new “goat” weighs much less and eats much more….maybe  it will  last for the next twenty years!!! 

While I am not a “horse girl”….I did get smitten by Sir George, which Heaven foaled in April.    He is a friendly little guy…George and Eggs 006and loves attention!

Here’s Katie getting ready to ride Robin…..Pete & Robin & Katie 159 So we finished out our days with the kids having many wonderful breakfasts, lots of road trips (a road trip is anywhere past the little town of Montpelier) and dinners, both home cooked and ‘on the road’.  Paul and Katie took us to Maggiano’s  for a wonderful dinner one evening… umm, umm, good!!! :)

And here are the “guys”, together on Father’s Day before we left, headed to Aberdeen, then on to Texas……George and Eggs 021    …it has been  wonderful being here with the kids; we love working alongside them on the Farm, and we sure will miss them!!   Y’all stay cool and HUGS to everyone…we are Texas bound!


Sandra said...

That's very different from any egg basket I even used on the farm! LOL

Richard said...

shoideHave a safe trip to Texas.We will see you in Goshen,In soon.Again be safe.

Rich Mary

Joe said...

Texas in JULY????

I want to see pictures of this goat you are talking about. The one I was thinking about has four legs!!

Mark and Dortha said...

You left before I could get Andrew there. LOL