Saturday, July 17, 2010

How about that Texas weather?

Leaving the Farm on Father’s Day, we rambled on down to Aberdeen and spent a few days finishing up some projects at the park.

Pine Forest Park 005

It was SO HOT and humid in Carolina…..more so than back in Montpelier and it was really HOT there!!   So our Texas friends were smiling and saying “Just wait til you get to Texas…it’s really going to be hot and humid”.   So, we’re thinking “O K, we’ll be well prepared for the heat and humidity in Livingston”.  But…guess what?  The hurricane that brushed Texas pulled all of the humidity and much of the extreme heat up to the Northeast…it has been almost delightful since we arrived!   Makes for great walks in the evenings and most nights Kellie and I swim for a couple of hours…and it’s chilly when we get out!!! Who knew???  It’s beginning to get hot again, but so far the humidity has remained on the low side, making for some pleasant summer days.

I drove much of the way into Texas; Bob decided to share the wheel  so I got lots of time in the seat. Easy travel days, and we headed to Lufkin to spend a little time with Keith and Donna…..

Farm 031 They are finally settled into their lovely new home; of course the cards came out and Hand N Foot ensued.   The gals got stomped…really stomped.   If you read Keith’s blog, you already know this!!   There WILL be a rematch for sure!!

Arriving in Livingston on the 29th, we got our hugs from Tommie Sue, Harrell, Kellie and Walt.  After settling in, we got to work on the advance planning for Escapade.  These guys are just the best to work with; along with Bud and Cathie, we do a lot of brainstorming and feed off each other pretty well so there’s a lot of progress and a lot of fun going on!!  Yes, lots more card games, and Bob says to make sure to say that I’m still not winning!   But Kellie and I did have a victory one night….must have been brief because it’s long since forgotten…. And then there’s Farkle and bowling to add to the fun.

So life is pretty good in Livingston these days and the wheels will soon be rolling North…but so far we are loving this Texas weather!!!

Hugs to everyone!


JB said...

From all reports you have lucked out with the weather. Thanks for doing all that hard work on the Escapade and we are looking forward to enjoying the fruits of your labours in September.

Happytrails said...

Glad the weather is nice in Texas! It has been very hot here...high humidity. Its the humidity that does it! Have fun planning!!

Mike & Gerri (happytrials)

Anonymous said...

I know why you lose all the time!! Bob cheats...... That's the only explanation I can come up with.

Anonymous said...

That hot & humid weather did go to the northeast and that's where we are at. Next time I won't tease you all about being in Texas in July. I will tell you how great it is with low humitdy and 70-80 temps. That should do the trick next time.
See ya.. Dennis & Carol

Cruzin2some said...

Welcome to Texas.
It is very hot and humid here this summer.

Freely Living Life said...

Hope you are well and enjoying your summer! :)

See you down the road,
The Freely Living Life Family