Sunday, October 21, 2007

Follow us to The Holy Land & Jordan!

On Tuesday, October 23rd, 33 adventurous souls will depart JFK in New York for an inspirational tour of Israel and Jordan. Donald Bowen, pastor of Cobham Park Baptist Church in Warsaw, VA and Ricky Speas, pastor of Old Town Baptist Church in Winston-Salem, NC will lead our group as we travel over 14,000 miles, to the land we've learned about and longed to see.

We will arrive in Amman, Jordan and then visit Mt. Nebo, where Moses saw the Promised Land, continue thru Jerash then cross into Israel; spend two days in Tiberias and The Galilee, Cana, Nazareth, Haifa, then on to Jerusalem where four days will be spent in the Holy City and the surrounding mountains, Calvary, and Bethlehem, before heading to Jericho, The Dead Sea, Masada and the finally back into Jordan to Petra, and returning to Amman for flight home.

We hope you'll follow along, and keep us in your prayers, as we share our journey with you!


naniyosie said...

This is really a great website to keep us informed on your travels. I will be checking in daily, and keeping Bud informed. You will be in our daily prayers, have a safe journey, and a great time.
Joanne and Bud Forman

Leslie Sanders said...

God bless you as you travel to the lands of our LORD. I will pray for you daily. I wish that it was possible for me to go with you. Thanks for the website.

Wes and Teresa said...

Molly and Bob, thank you for including us in your journey . . .it will almost be like we are traveling with you! We have already prayed for the group for safety and health and for an enlightening trip. Give my Mama a hug!

Janet said...

This is great! Thanks for the opportunity to stay in touch throughout your travels. I hope you don't have too much
T R O U B L E with the Barb and Becky (B&B). I hear they can get "out of control" at times. Have a great trip. We've prayed for your safety and will continue.
(Becky Pritchard's daughter)

KristyFLO said...

The pictures are great. It looks like everyone is having a great time. I am so pleased to have this site to check up on all of you. We will continue to pray for everyone during your travels.
God Bless Matt and Kristy Walker

Mel-Debbie aka Debbie #4 said...

Molly and Bob,
You have made a wonderful blog site. I have enjoyed looking through it and seeing the photos. I will go back and actually read it at another time when I am a little more alert. (I am about to fall out now since it is about 2am Israeli time.) I enjoyed getting to know you both. You are such wonderfully fun folks. You made my trip even better because of your friendship!! Take care. Love Ya!
><> Melody <><