Wednesday, October 31, 2007

The Old City of Jerusalem and five "loaves" feeds a bus...

Monday morning our faithful bus driver, Mike, and our guide, Theo, drove us to the Old City of Jerusalem. Today we were visiting The Burnt House and The Temple Institute. The Burnt House is the site of a home of one of the chief priests, and there we viewed a video of their life around 70 Ad, at the time of the Zealots revolt against the Romans. We were able to piece together much of what we have seen thru viewing the video on the burning of the city by the Romans.

At the Temple Institute we saw exact replicas of what the Temple implements would have been like in the Temple. It was fascinating to see the garments of the Priests, menorah, harps, purification urns and more. We left with a much clearer understanding of the life and times in the Holy City of previous centuries.

Susie and Barbara brought fish...yes, fish, to feed the starving kittys in the Old City. Susie saved her fish from dinner and hung it outside on her balcony "to keep it cool"! So the little kittys had a feast thanks to Susie and Barbara!

We then continued to St. Peters Cathedral, built on the site of the House of Caiaphas, under which is found the dungeon where Christ was held. We descended into this dungeon, and then we walked the very steps upon which Jesus trod many times as he traversed the hill.

As we were leaving, several cans of Pringles were spotted in the gift shop there. Now, we've been having cucumber and tomato salad of some sort in a kibbutz for several days, so there was a huge craving for something "crisp and salty'! Five "loaves" of pringles were carried onto the bus (along with two Cokes!) and all on the bus were fed! It was the most delightful taste of home and the leftovers were gathered and saved for later! It tasted just like 'manna' to us!

Tomorrow we go to The Mount of Olives and then walk the Via Delorosa and visit the Garden of Gethsemane and the Tomb!

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