Friday, October 26, 2007

On the Galilee, Capernaum, and the Mount of the Beatitudes

It must be Friday, because we were on the Sea of Galilee today. We have rather lost track of time!
After another delicious breakfast, we boarded one of the boats for a ride across the Sea of Galilee to the Mt. of the Beatitudes. It was a picture perfect morning, calm and tranquil. Pastor Dennis shared with us from Mark Chapter 4 as we crossed the lake. His gentle and warm demeanor was inspiring to us as we knew that we were, indeed, following in the steps of Jesus. Well... we all stayed in the boat...but we knew He could have walked upon the very water on which we were sailing!

After a brief stop at a Jewish kibbutz (commune) we traveled on to the Mt. of the Beatitudes where Jesus delivered His Sermon on the Mount. There really aren't words to describe the serene beauty of the place. It was easy to imagine the people gathered around the hillside as they listened to Jesus speak. Another incredible place to be!

From there we went to the Mt of Multiplication, where Jesus fed the five thousand. We saw the curved hillside where the people gathered, then we walked to the shore of the Galilee and gathered rocks (yes, we are bringing home some rocks!) While we were there, in the chapel on this mount, we had a special prayer for our friends and buddies at home who are fighting some really tough battles. Elizabeth, Bud and Everett..... we love and miss you and are keeping you daily in our prayers!

From there we went to the remains of the old city of Capernaum, where Jesus spent much of His ministry. We were able to view and walk around some of the remains of this old city which once was a major commerce center and intersection for travelers in the time during Jesus' ministry.

After lunch we then went to the Jordan River for a Baptismal service. The river is surprisingly clear at this point, just after it leaves the Galilee, with a slight cast of turquoise to it. Many of us were baptised by Don and Ricky here in the Jordan. Leslie, dear friend, we were surely thinking of you at this time, as we have often heard you speak of your desire to do this!

Tomorrow we will leave the Galilee and head towards Cana then on to Nazareth and will be in Jerusalem for the next five nights!

We love to hear from's nice to know that you are checking in on us!
Many thanks for your comments!


Sandra said...

It's so interesting to keep up with you guys. You're mentioned on chat every night. Sounds like you're having a great time with some very nice folks!

Jenny J said...

Great to hear from you....I am thoroughly enjoying your travels and hope one day I am as lucky as you to see the Sea of Galilee. Enjoying your pics and travels. Keep them cards and letters comin"

Jenny J (FG)
Spokane WA

PS Miss you in chat!!

Anonymous said...

Molly & Bob, sounds like you all are having an amazing trip.
Enjoy yourself, your safety is in my thoughts & prayers.
Kay Ellen

LORI said...

hi memaw i love you and be safe
bob and molly i love you to and be safe
love lori

Danny said...

Thank you for sharing your trip in such a special way. Your blogs are absolutely riveting. We continue to pray for God's richest blessings for all as you trace the steps of our Lord.

Ron & Linda said...

What wonderful pictures and details about your adventure.
Keep safe. (Molly your going tohave to teach me this blog stuff when you get back)

Denyse said...

What a wonderful journey. Thanks so much for posting and what it's like to go thru all the customs in and out of the area.

LORI said...

memaw, bob and molly send me a postcard please

Tiffany E. Howell said...

Hi Mom and Bob,

Scott and I really enjoyed reading your last two posts! It's so fun to see where you are going and hear about all the familiar places in the scriptures.

We're glad that you're having such a great time!

We love ou,
Scott and Tiff