Tuesday, March 16, 2010

MoonDog's and Fish Tacos.....

The days here in Rockport seem to fly by...the weather has been almost perfect.....we get in long walks every day, Happy Hours most every afternoon, and campfires or potlucks crop up almost daily. We have dined at MoonDogs, down on the waterside a couple of times.....

....and it was here I had my first ever Fish Taco!!! Now, having heard of Fish tacos , but not having eaten one, my mind's eye envisioned a fish stick in a hard taco shell....not so appealing!!! But at MoonDog's they were filled with fresh grilled grouper and shrimp...wrapped in a fresh, soft, jalapeno tortilla with mango salsa....and they were delicious!!!

Waterside dining at MoonDog's

We liked them so much, that we wanted to grill fresh shrimp, Grouper, and Redfish for an impromptu potluck on Saturday and make Fish Tacos!

And, we had wonderful Enchiladas, and chicken and beef, chips and salsa and all of the wonderful things that go along with fresh, warm tortillas. It was, indeed, another tasty evening at The Last Resort.
No evening seems to be complete these days without a card tournament...usually Hand and Foot as it seems that some "monsters" have been created....also known as Hand and Foot addicts!! (No names will be mentioned to protect the innocent! Ha!)

There is a bit of a "competition" between the guys and the gals to dominate this game....but most often the winnings are evenly distributed...although the guys insist that the gals do gloat a bit more! Hmmmmm.....stay tuned to Facebook to see the nightly winners....there is always a report going on there!!! Mostly, is is just great fun to play with wonderful folks...here at The Last Resort!

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Joe and Sherri said...

Well the gals could get me to play and then they would be assured a win everytime.Being on the gays team and being the bad card player I am would do the trick. They guys would soon catch on and that would be the end of that. Have fun and keep us up to date.