Saturday, March 13, 2010

On the coast of Texas

After spending a few days at Medina Lake, we headed for Rockport on the last day of February. There is a large group gathered here for the month....we met Norah and Howie here upon arrival, and the next day Arlene and Kevin, Donna and Nolan, Bill and Debbie, Dortha and Mark, Karen and Donnie, Deb and Rod, and Mac and Lynette all arrived to settle in for the month of March. This week Peggy and Charlie and Donna and Keith pulled there is a nice bunch of folks here!!! Also, Mark and Renita have been here most of the winter, and then Tom and Paula pulled in last week for a few days and Jim and Nancy Tidball arrived this week!!
Now, these are all good, fun, down-to-earth folks, and it really does not take too much to entertain us. We've been sitting around the campfire, eating, walking, talking, shopping, and most of all laughing a lot!!!

There have been some marathon Hand and Foot games, as all of these folks learned to master the game this week..... almost each evening finds us up in the Clubhouse trying to outplay each team. Talk about a million laughs!!!

So.... Rockport is still just the way we love it...laid back and rustic, with the salt breeze heavy in the air...warm and sunny...and with good buddies here to share all of these things.... is, indeed, pretty good!


Debbie Goode said...

Good people, good food, good times...glad to see the fun continues! And..... we sure miss you all!

Sandra said...

Have fun you guys, I'll be reading about it!

Richard said...

Hi looks and sounds like your having a good time.We are at Rainbow Plantation for another week.Then we start heading to Texas.Hope to see you in Boerne.

Rich & Mary

PS. please email me @

squawmama said...

Wow you're with the entire gang... Would love to be with you all too but we are up in Sedona,Az. Have fun & travel safe!!!

Jim and Dee said...

Throw in some fun with two empty seats and pretend we're there! Can't wait to meet up with everyone. Just a matter of time. Have fun!