Monday, March 10, 2008

67 Sturman Lane, Warsaw, Virginia

We arrived at 67 Sturman Lane Saturday night about 8 pm. We had a nice visit with Mom in Roanoke; spent most of the day Saturday with her and she even went out for lunch with us. Then hit the road headed East for the last leg of the trip. We stopped for dinner at Los Portales, a favorite, in Warsaw before parking in the site beside the house.
The MH is parked in it's spot beside the house, waiting for us to get back in!!

It was blowin' a gale when we pulled in. Gee..... it seems like there's been an awful lot of wind this winter!

Minkie settled right back into her old routine and found her spot in the sunroom where she always sits.....
right across from Bob's recliner.

I drove back to Richmond in Sunday morning to meet my sisters and see our niece in ICU at MCV. We had a nice day together, but it was upsetting to see Kristy suffering as she was. I went back on Tuesday with my sister and they took her off the respirator and she looked a little better. Hopefully, each day will bring improvement.

We have mostly settled into our "routine"; going to the Post Office each day...

Stopping to visit dear friends, George and Charlotte, who own The Warsaw Paint & Hardware.....

sharing a sunny afternoon with dear neighbors, Junie and Sue..

There's much to keep us busy....with the everyday things of life.
We miss our traveling friends and wish you all safe travels. See you on the road soon!

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