Thursday, March 6, 2008

East of the Mississippi...snowstorm in front of us!

Memphis, Tennessee tonight is the location...
crossed the Mighty Mississippi this afternoon after fighting horrid wind gusts most of the day.

The home of Elvis, Rock-n-Roll & Blues, and Bar-B-Que....

all of which are favorites of mine!!

A major winter snowstorm is just on our heels in Arkansas and another one is just in front of us, coming thru Memphis tomorrow. We are watching "Suvivor" at the moment and will most likely fire up the coach and head a little further East to move out of the direct path of the snow. Jackson, Tennessee is predicted to have snow starting tomorrow afternoon, so if we make Jackson tonight, we can get in front of the snow tomorrow and, hopefully, miss the worst of it.

Whew...this bit of playing hide-and-go-seek with the snowy weather is getting old!
We have been pushing to get back East a little faster now, as my niece is back in ICU, and very ill with an infection and side effects from the chemo and leukemia. Please keep her in your prayers...Kristy Kirby sister's daughter.

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