Monday, March 3, 2008

Leaving Las Vegas, Hoover Dam and S-n-o-w!

Well the Race is over and our guys didn’t win;

Gordon had the “Big crash” with 4 laps to go, but at least he went for it with gusto. And Jr finished second, the best of the Hendricks cars!! So it was a good race, if windy at the track, and we had a terrific time with our HOP hosts and friends. Bill and Carol Sharpe are great hosts and we always enjoy seeing them.

We shared some fun times and great meals with Peg & Earl Farmer (above) and Dennie and Ruth Stitt (above left) also, so we’ll look forward to our next “meet”!

We left Las Vegas on Monday morning and headed Southeast, crossing Hoover Dam and then continuing East to pick up I 40.
We left warm sunshine in LasVegas and traveled to 7500 feet at Williams Arizona, where the snow was almost a foot deep on either side of the road .
The San Franciso Peaks loomed ahead of us, heavily snow capped against a bright blue sky.
As we climbed the vegetation changed from desert scrub, to stately pine, cedar and fir trees.
It really was a lovely backdrop, but s-n-o-w- means c-o-l-d and brrrrr…….!!!

I watched incessantly for an elk, as they are frequently seen on the roadside, and the signs constantly warned us that it was “elk crossing” territory, but, alas, I never saw an elk. Just like the elusive moose in Maine, I searched in vain for just one big, fat elk!!

Our destination on Monday was Cottonwood,AZ to spend our final night with Ronnie and Carlean (Bob’s brother). Ronnie had been very ill over the holidays and it was nice to see him looking a good bit healthier than he did in January. We had a nice dinner with them in Old Town Cottonwood and enjoyed our visit.
Cottonwood is one of my favorite towns. Not too big, not too small; about 25,000 people and enough amenities to be comfy, yet it retains a “small town” feel and no traffic problems. The “Old Town” area has been preserved and thrives as a dining and shopping destination. There are lots of places to visit and things to do nearby. The old mining town of Jerome sits on a hillside high above Cottonwood and is a great day trip. Sedona and Prescott are a short drive away and the scenery all around is just lovely. If you’re ever near the area, you’ll enjoy the town.

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