Wednesday, September 24, 2008

The Hoosier State

A wagon load of Indiana flowers!

What a beautiful drive we had on Sunday from Celina, Ohio to Elkhart! We followed Route 30 and then 33 thru the Ohio and Indiana farm lands, and it was just lovely.

One small town after another invited us to stop; each farm looked like it was waiting to have it's photo pasted on a postcard. The barns were especially attractive, waiting for their Autumn attire to be full blown. Because it's been sunny and warm, the flowers were still blooming colorfully.

One of our favorite areas has long been the land of the Amish. Each fall or spring we would visit Lancaster, PA, along with our kids, to enjoy the countryside and partake of the Amish goodies that abound there.
This was our first real taste of the Amish lands around Elkhart. The Amish here are a bit more progressive; they all seem to use electricity and blend into the outside world a bit more than some of the "old order" Amish in Lancaster do.

Baling the hay with a horse drawn team

Our first order of business in Elkhart was to get checked in at Duncan RV so they can begin the process of getting our awnings replaced. We got set up in their little campground here and they took us in promptly Monday morning. We will be here for around three weeks, but some of the work will be done at different vendors. Bradd and Hall will be installing the maple flooring for us, then we will meet with Carlisle Lehman of Focal Wood Products to make our valances and cabinet to match our maple wood. Carlisle is a local Amish man, well known for the custom wood items he creates for the RV industry.

We're really looking forward to getting all of the redecorating done soon!

Have you ever seen a "Pet Wash" before??? This Pet Wash caught our eye at the local car you can easily launder your mutt!!!

The easy way to bathe your dog!

Things are fine here in Elkhart and the days are busy!

Hugs to everyone!

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Jim and Dee said...

You're in my home area. I was born in Warsaw, Ind and you past the road that goes to our house off road 30. Have fun!!! Don't get lost in the corn fields

Hawkeye and CoderDeb said...

Hey ..maybe we can take Miss Ellie to the puppy wash!! I think she'd like travels. Deb

Joe and Sherri said...

Be sure to get us some before and after shots of the work. I like to see the progress on fix ups.

Joe and Sherri