Monday, September 29, 2008

Pecan Cherry Chocolate Ice Cream with good buddies..

A "progressive" Amish buggy...bucket seats instead of a buckboard!

A week has flown by here in Elkhart, and it's been a busy one with nailing down the items to be done to the MH. There are many good sources and lots of RV surplus/salvage stores and we've been visiting as many as possible.

Pals Smokey and Pam Ridgely are here in Elkhart also, getting some things checked on their rig and we've sure enjoyed our time with them. They shared the secret of Culver's Ice Cream Custard with us the other night...mine was Pecan Cherry on top of Chocolate...Great Scott, what we've been missing!! That stuff is addictive!!! We all had to go back the next day for a Cheddar Butter Burger!! Too yum is what it is...but our arteries are screaming like crazy! Guess next week it'll be lettuce and grilled chicken again!

They'll be heading back to Maryland shortly so our gastronomic partners will be sorely missed!!!

One of the really great things about this traveling lifestyle is all the friends we have made and meet up with all the time. Who would ever think two drifters would leave little 'ole Warsaw, VA, travel to Elkhart in the mid-west, and find not only Smokey and Pam here, but also Dale and Terry Pace arrived this weekend and dropped by the rig about 8:30 this morning. They mentioned that Gary and Deb Pearce, friends from Durham, NC had arrived last night. We met Pam and Smokey later, for a late breakfast at the Cock-a-Doodle Cafe, and as we were walking into a surplus store, a truck drives by honking and waving (who do we know in Elkhart????) and it was Gary and Deb. We also ran into them in another RV the world gets a little smaller each day!! These fine folks make every day a better day!!

The weather has been sunny and seventy every day for the last three weeks and we are just lovin' it, but it's about to change!! Tonight will bring some showers and cooler temps are on the way so it'll be "whinin' time" for me....I just can't stand the cold very well. I promise not to complain too much, and will try very hard not to whine either (but it isn't easy).
Big hugs to everyone!

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Paula and Tom said...

Isn't Culvers the greatest fast food chain ever!!!