Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Bom Dia from Rio de Janeiro......

Bom Dia (Good Day)! It has been a lovely and sunny day here in Rio. For those of you still chasing the 70's, Rio is definitely IT! Always warm here!

Many of you know that Bob's favorite sister, Mary K, lives in Rio and we are here visiting for awhile. Our son, Paul and his wife, Katie (our favorite daughter-in-law) are with us. We arrived on Sunday and have been busy Pao de Azucar (Sugar Loaf Mountain)
Christ Redeemer (The Christo) at Corcovado

visiting Corcovado (Christ Redeemer) Pão de Açúcar (Sugar Loaf), Copacabana, etc.

Today was an amazingly beautiful day and most of it was spent on the beach, warming our bones. Mary K lives just a couple of blocks from the beach here in Barra de Tijucca, a suburb of Rio, just West of Ipanema Beach. This afternoon Mary K, Katie and I went into Flamengo for "High Tea" at a lovely castle. Molly & Katie at Tea with our handsome carioca waiter!
Katie & Mary at Tea
It was a most pleasant evening in a beautiful setting.

Tomorrow a trip to the old and quaint city of Pariti (say "Parachi") is planned. (In Portuguese all T's are pronounced "chi"; for example Wal-Mart is Walmarchi.) The language and culture here in Brazil is intriging and fascinating! We indeed have a love affair with Brazil and it's people! More on that later.....
Morning will come early tomorrow so for now it's off to bed.

(Most likely we will not post again until we return from Pariti on Friday, but are alive and well in Rio!)


Dee & Jim said...

Thank you so much for the update. It was great seeing Bob on chat last night so we knew you got there ok. We'll follow the updates.

Kathryn said...

Como esta?
It was good to see the post from you. I came up with a nickname for you "Gidget" and Bob is "Moon-doggie". I was afraid that the dengue had gotten you. Stay away from the mosquitoes.
Buenos adias,

Practicing my spanish