Friday, April 11, 2008

The Jockey Club, shopping in Copacabana

Many of you know that Katie is a horse "princess".... her own horse is named "Heaven" and she and Paul will be moving onto their horse farm in Montpelier around the end of April. She loves horses, and even the things that smell like horses!
So, of course, we wanted to make a visit to the Jockey Club here in Rio.

When King Joao and the royals fled to Brazil, they also brought a bit of high culture with them. They transformed the city of Rio with ornate palaces and buildings, landscaped parks and other diversions, and much later came the lovely Jockey Club.

Now, having never been to a Jockey club or to the horse races, this was a real treat for me! The Club is truly beautiful, with white marble used extensively and mosaic tile floors over much of the interior. With carved marble balustrades flanking dramatic stairways, it is a very impressive structure.

Katie enlightened us in the art of "betting on the horses" and we had alot of fun, selecting our steeds and placing our bets. We all bet a few reals(Brazilian $$$)and only Bob came out ahead at the end of the night! Of course, we're not big gamblers, so we neither made nor lost much money!!! But it was a really lovely evening under the stars in Rio!!
We all await the running of the horses

The next day we set out for Copacabana and a little shopping. Paul and Katie wanted to buy some Haviana's, which are the famous Brazilian flip-flops. So we went to the Haviana store and they got several pairs of cute flippies.

The we went on to a local co-op store in search of some brazil wood implements and fun-type serving utensils...

think beverage stirrers with colorful parrots on top, hand woven baskets and brightly colored placemats, etc.

We also managed to enjoy another great dinner at the pizzaria rondele.... an unlimited serving of the best pizzas! They just keep bringing it until you can eat no more!! It is prepared with a very light and crispy crust and comes in Tomato and Basil, Roasted Garlic with olive oil, Shrimp and cheese, Greek style with feta, Hawaiian with pineapple and canadian bacon, arugula and herbs and many more that I have since forgotten.
Just when you think you can't eat another bite, they bring out the chocolate, chocolate pizza,
and the cinnamon banana pizza for dessert!! Last year they served us vanilla ice cream with the pizza, but they were out of ice cream this year!!! Chocolate pizza is truly heaven on earth!!! It was Yum Yum again!!!

So, lots of fun at the Jockey Club and shopping and another great meal before heading back to the states!! It has been a lovely trip with the kids!!
See everyone soon!

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Sandra said...

Wow! Chocolate pizza. Sounds like my king of pizza.

Here in Ottawa, ON they have chocolate beavertails. The Canadian take on chocolate pizza!