Sunday, April 6, 2008

Costa Verde and Pousada Bambu Bamboo (Parati)

Sunday finds us back in Rio after spending the last several days in Parati and Petropolis.
Parati is a charming colonial village along the Costa Verde, or Green Coast, which is along the coast of Baía de Ilha Grande (Bay of the Grand Island). This area is known for its many islands, which fill the bay just off the shore. It is, indeed, a lovely and unique mixture of tropical mountains, rain forest, islands and beautiful beaches, with inviting shades of green overall.

The drive through this region is often compared to the Scenic California State 1, down the Pacific Coast Highway, and it is truly similar in beauty and breathtaking vistas. The road winds up steeply then drops sharply to reveal amazing beaches and turquoise green waters, with quaint and colorful wooden watercraft anchored in the harbors and lagoons.

Of course, we had to stop for Pão de queijo (bread with cheese) along the way! Many of you know how much we love this delicious Brazilian treat and have sampled it with us. If you have not, please remind me so that we may make a batch for you to try! It is love at first bite! :)

Upon arrival at Parati, we went straight to our pousada (quaint inn or B&B), Pousada Bambu Bamboo. This was a welcome retreat, seeming that you had just arrived in Bangkok or a small village in Japan. (For a peek, visit

There could be volumes written about how sweet and lovely this pousada is, but time is short and we need to dash to the padaria (bakery) for fresh bread for our breakfast.
I will post this now so that everyone knows we are still alive and well in Rio! More later on travels in Brazil!
Love to everyone!
Paul and Katie are doing well and traveling on their stomachs along with the rest of us!


Tiffany Howell said...

Mom- is it really Monday there?

Two drifters off to see the world.... said...

Tiff, my love, Did you really expect us to know what day it is????
We miss you terribly here....I keep looking for you and for Scott...just to see what he is going to eat next!!!
(and, no, it is really Sunday!)
Love you and Tchau!!

Bobbie and Jim said...

Hi Molly and Bob: I forgot you were still in Rio and I called you today to say "hi". Please eat bunches of Pao de Queso for me as I do remember those wonderful morsels of heaven when you made them in Quartzsite I think it was. We miss you both. Bobbie and Jim