Sunday, April 20, 2008

"Sea Escape" in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina

Sunday morning found us up early, packing the Envoy and hitting the road bound for the condo in Myrtle Beach, one of our favorite places! We hope to meet Marcia and Joe for a few days and then my sister and brother-in-law will join us later in the week. Should be a relaxing and fun kind of "laid back" week. We hope to play some Dominoes and have some "Hand and Foot" contests!! (Mary K...come on up...we need you!)

"Sea Escape", the condo, is in North Myrtle Beach, right on the ocean just one block up from Main Street on Ocean Drive. It is a little more relaxed than further south on the Strand, but is just one block from most of the shaggin' clubs (Fat Harold's, Ducks, Pavillion, etc) so we can walk up the street to go dancin' or for dinner or ice cream or hot dogs or whatever.... Stuart and Bob enjoy ice cream & milkshakes!

And it's not in a "high rise" like so many of the newer places, so it's a little more "homey".

There's lots of "green space" with sand dunes all around the pool and hot tub area, so the feel and the roar of the ocean is all around you. We especially enjoy the dunes and walking on the beach in this area.

There is a small screened in porch on the front of the living room which becomes the favorite spot of most who find respite in the "Sea Escape". Early mornings, watching the sun rise out there, are almost sacred rituals!!

So, ya'll come on down!!


Higherplane said...

thanks for a wonderful few days - you and Bob know we enjoy being with you no matter where we are. How did you get your beads?


Two drifters off to see the world.... said...

"What happens in Myrtle Beach, stays in Myrtle Beach"!!!
Yes, we always have such fun with you guys!!
And, how did you get YOUR beads???
(Maybe we should ask Stuart and Bob since they got most of them??)