Friday, April 18, 2008

Heading back to the states...

Thursday we went to the beach in the morning and warmed our bones for a few hours.
Mary K prepared a delicious mushroom risotto with a fresh salad for a late luncheon before heading out to the airport.
We were hoping to get in one more cut throat game of Hand and Foot before departing, but we tarried over our lunch so there was no rematch! I think Bob and Paul may be "one up" (or more) on the girls, so there are more playoffs to come!!
Much fun was had playing cards, many evenings until the wee hours.

We headed to the airport around 3 pm for our flight to Sao Paulo, then for the 9 hour flight to Miami. The flights were uneventful and we had no difficulties....they're just very loonngg!!! Most of us slept several hours inflight, so we felt somewhat rested and no worse for the wear. We arrived in Miami around 7 AM, cleared customs promptly and then waited for our noon time flight to Richmond.

It was great to be on the ground in the good ol' USA and on our way back to Warsaw.
Minkie seemed glad to see us...she meowed for hours and demanded constant brushing at her position on the sunroom sofa. She gets lonely when we're gone, although our neighbor, Sue, takes very good care of her for us!! We missed her, too!! (Minkie and Sue)
Springtime has arrived in Virginia and we are sure glad to see it!

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