Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Catching up...

Today was "catch up" day for me....many things that had been left aside got a little attention today....like cleaning windows and cabinets, shower doors etc. Starting early this morning, I worked on cleaning the shower including using Rain-X on the doors and polishing the brass. Then cleaned and vacuumed everything from top to bottom. Having lots of vanilla leather in the motorhome means lots of leather cleaning, so our buddies, Smokey and Pam Ridgley have the BEST leather cleaner we've ever encountered. I used lots of the Dri-Wash leather cleaner to clean and polish the leather today. It is an incredible cleaner that leaves the leather bright, clean and shiny. I'm about to run out, so that must mean we need to run into Smokey and Pam soon! It always feels so good to have the MH squeaky clean!

Bob was busy all day installing his new tow set up for the Envoy. He decided to tow the Envoy instead of my old favorite Saturn Station Wagon, so he got the new Roadmaster tow bar installed and worked on a new braking system for it. This one is "Air Force One", air assisted braking. We used the M&G on the Saturn, but Bob thought this one might be best on the Envoy. We'll let you know how it works out. Next he'll move all the Pressure-Pro sensors from the Saturn to the Envoy and get those programmed and set up for travel. I am torn about keeping my station wagon or selling it before we leave. I enjoy that little "grocery getter" so much and it is a great economical car, but also hate to think about it just sitting and not being driven over the next year. Guess we'll have to decide soon about that.

I had a nice weekend with Kenneth and Eric in Catonsville at Tiff and Scott's. It was very cold and we even had a nice snowfall...just enough to be pretty on Saturday night. I'll post some photos in a day or two.

I suppose I'm getting my groove back; blogging, cleaning, walking, cooking dinner for Paul and Katie and making plans for Christmas and hitting the road very soon. There are many things to be done before we leave here so we're both staying busy.
It will be good to be back on the road again....heading South to warmer weather!
Hugs to everyone!


Joe and Sherri said...

Stay safe out there and keep in touch with us.

Joe and Sherri

Roz said...

Bob & Molly,

We have nearly 70 degree air waiting for you in Jacksonville, FL. Some hugs, too!

Charles & Ethel

Nora and Roger Hartzler said...

Dear Molly and Bob,
I just now had time to check out your blog again. Selling trees keeps us very busy with not much time for anything else.
We are so very sad to hear of Kristys passing. Our hearts and prayers go out to you and the family.
Nora and Roger

Mark and Dortha said...

Glad to hear you are back in the groove. I know it is really hard after all you have been through.

Stay warm!


Anonymous said...

Just make sure you leave the cold up there when you come down.

It will be gr8 to see you again.