Sunday, December 21, 2008

Uncle Jimmy's Eightieth Birthday Party

Surprise, Surprise!!

Bob's Uncle Jimmy gets a big surprise!

On Tuesday, November 25th, we made a little road trip to Newport News in the evening for a SURPRISE Eightieth birthday party for Bob's Uncle Jimmy. He sure doesn't look or act like he's eighty, so I was pretty sure they'd made a mistake and it was really his seventieth birthday, but Lou and Hazel were insistent that he really is it must be true!

Bob and his Aunt Lou (Tia Lou)

Jimmy's wife, Hazel outdid herself with a lovely dinner and party...and Jimmy surely was surprised! With over 90 friends and family in attendance, there was much evidence of the love and caring he shares with everyone in his life. Many comrades from his working years at the Chesapeake Railroad were there, as well as lots of family, neighbors and friends, showing highest regard for this wonderful guy.

Bob, Tia Lou, Uncle Jimmy and Hazel

Uncle Jimmy's birthday cake, a Chessie Train (He retired from the Chesapeake Railroad)

Uncle Jimmy gets a birthday call from Mary K in Rio, Brazil....hmmmm.....or was that from his funny colored "niece", Alene in DC?????? Since they both called him, guess it could be either one!!!

Uncle Jimmy with his family!

What a great time, honoring a really great guy. Hope you had a great birthday, Jimmy! You are an inspiration to everyone!

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Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday, Cousin.
All my best,
Sharon Mae Call