Saturday, December 20, 2008

Catonsville with Eric and Kenneth

The first weekend in December was a little "Road Trip" to Scott and Tiff's home in Catonsville with Eric and Kenneth, Kristy's youngest and oldest boys.

Dixie, Eric and Scott

On Saturday the guys put up the garland and lights on the porch. It was very cold......

and started SNOWING in the afternoon......

and left a blanket of white all over!!

Eric cleaned the snow off the car for us!

Later on, we all went to the National Crytology Museum on Fort Meade. Tiffany had arranged a tour for us and we had a very informative guide, that really knew his stuff. He gave us a tutorial on encryption and reconnaisance beginning with the Civil War. We saw the famous Enigma, German encryption machine from WW2, and many other fascinating exhibits. We could have spent several hours there, but the time was short as they close early on Saturday, so we will be sure to return for a more leisurely visit there.

This is a very interesting exhibit, and it's a free attraction, if you're ever in the Fort Meade Maryland area, be sure and stop by for a tour.

In the evening, we bundled up and took Dixie for a twilight walk, in the new fallen snow. It was beautiful, as the neighborhood was decorated for the holidays, and the lights twinkled against the fresh, falling snow and our crystalizing breath. It was such fun to watch Eric run along with Dixie and revel in the white stuff....almost made you feel like a kid again yourself....and to find a little bit of the Christmas spirit which has been hiding itself in sadness for awhile. It was great to spend more time with my Tiff and Scott, and to be with Eric and Kenneth for the weekend.

Here's a photo of Kristen's Strings Concert at was a lovely perfomance and we were all quite proud of her!

Great perfomance Kristen!!

Holiday hugs to everyone!

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