Monday, December 22, 2008

Peeps... Dumplin, Alfredo, Stroganoff....

This one must be Stroganoff!

Finally, here are the peeps....which were, indeed, tiny peeps, when we arrived at the farm in October.

Alfredo, (above)...this one is for Dortha!! Notice the webbed feet!

And here is the entire group of 23 peeps. These are of the "easter" variety, as they will lay pastel colored eggs. The plan is to name them all after Chicken dishes.....if only we can tell them apart!

Looks like Dumplin' to me!

They have grown tremendously in the two months that we have been here. They will be in the hen house soon.....hope Katie has fresh eggs for us when we return next Fall!

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Jim and Dee said...

oh how cute!!! Thanks for the pictures.