Sunday, December 28, 2008

Happy Holidays to all.....

Happy Holidays to everyone...hope you've all had a great Christmas and wish you a terrific New Year coming up!

It was a most pleasant Christmas for us, spent with my sister Wanda,in Roanoke, Va then with son, Paul, on the farm, and finally, with daughter, Tiffany in Catonsville, Maryland.

We drove to Roanoke on Tuesday and went to Luigi's divine Italian restaurant with Wanda and Stuart on Tuesday evening....Yum, Yum doesn't even come close to doing this place justice! My favorite there is Veal Saltim Bocca and it was just as fine as it always is!

Christmas Eve found us at the Poage's Mill Church where Wanda sang "What Child is This", so beautifully this year, just as last year. Funny, but last year Mom was with us and I remember thinking that she would probably be with with us for many more Christmases (the last few years I had found myself thinking "this will probably be Mom's last Christmas with us here on Earth"), but that was not the case; so our first Christmas without Mom has passed. We missed her. And, of course, losing Kristy left such an ache...too young, too soon, too sad. KK has had a tough time of it...the kids seem to be doing pretty well. It was so good to spend Christmas Eve with my sister and her husband, Stuart. :) Thanks, guys!!

We returned to the farm on Christmas Day to spend the evening with Paul and Katie and Paulette (Katie's Mom). It was a warm and lovely day so we spent some time outdoors. Bob and I prepared Rockfish stuffed with Crab Imperial and Katie and Paulette did yummy sides and desserts. It was a most enjoyable evening with the kids.

Friday Morning we left early to head to Catonsville for a weekend with Tiff. I had some tests to be done at Tappahannock-Riverside Hospital, so we arrived there around 9 AM, they completed them promptly and we were enroute to Catonsville by 10:15. We had planned for Friday night to be "Brazilian Night" so we had our black beans and garlic rice "Claudio style" that evening. On Saturday night, Tiff had made reservations at The Candlelight Inn" and wow! what a lovely evening and delicious meal. It was a thoroughly delightful time! This beautiful old home was built in the late 1800's and has been serving wonderful meals almost continuously since then. It was decorated in Christmas finery, with fresh greens and running cedar in abundance. Afterwards, we toured the many old streets in Catonsville to view the old homes decorated for the Christmas season. It really is a sweet town and it's always great to spend time with Tiff and Scott.

We are truly grateful for our kids and their spouses....we won the lottery for sure when it comes to these folks who make up our little family. Thanks, guys, for sharing your lives with us!

So, another Christmas has passed...full of loved ones, yet missing ones we loved. It was a blessed Christmas season.

We hope your holidays were joyous and blessed, and that 2009 will bring a healthy and happy new year for each of you! Big Hugs to everyone!

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Randy and Terry said...

One of the things I love about reading your blog is that you talk about places I know!! Old Catonsville is full of beautiful homes and I bet it was great with all the Christmas lights. And the Candlelight Inn is gorgeous.

Glad you had a good Christmas celebration with family. Happy New Year!