Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Florida Grande

Tuesday rolls around and we've been here a week already...the weather has been absolutely gorgeous....sunny and upper seventies or low eighties....what more can we ask for?? It feels so good to be warm!
Below is a shot of our site...we're in the outer corner and have a huge Live Oak covered with Spanish moss at the far rear of the lot. There is full sunshine all day until around 3:30 PM when the large oak lends a little shade...just about perfect.

Today was "Street Bowling" here at Florida Grande so we mosied on up to watch the happenings. It was a lot of fun!

Below you can see Bob with the group observing the street bowling...which has been affectionately named the "Sewer Bowl" because the bowling takes place on the lane leading into the sewage processing station. Aptly named, I think!

Since the Clubhouse and other amenities are not yet completed here, our fun is mostly "homemade" or created with and where we have any resources. It is amazing just how resourceful people can be!!

It's warm and pleasant, and for this we are very grateful!!

Hugs and safe travels!


Mark and Dortha said...

Looks like you guys have a nice site. I like the warm weather report myself. Could you send a little of that weather to Texas?

The street bowling looks pretty fun too.


Joe and Sherri said...

We bought a Wii and use the bowling game often. We have so much fun playing it. I lose all the time but still play hoping for a win someday...I like your weather too and wish we were parked next to you. Hope to see you Somewhere in Time

Joe and Sherri

Dale said...

Nice looking lot, Bob and Molly. Glad you are finally out of the cold and able to enjoy that Florida sunshine.