Friday, January 2, 2009

Heading South.... :)

We were packed up and ready to pull out from the farm on Sunday evening. Paul and Katie leave for work around O'Dark Thirty, so we got up very early and were dressed to see them off on Monday morning and say goodbye. We will really miss these guys, as well as Bombay, Kahlua and Mudslide, and the horses, pigs and chicks. We've shared so many good dinners and "road trips" with Paul and Katie while we've been here. I will miss the "pitter patter" of "big feet" as they come over each evening!!
They left at 6:40 and we waited just for the sun to begin lightening the sky and we headed down the farm lane also. Sad to leave them, but anxious and excited to be back on the road and headed South to warm temps!!
We had made plans to meet Dee and Jim in Benson, NC for lunch. We hadn't seen them since June at the RV Dreams Rally, so we were looking forward to seeing these nice folks again. They are shopping for their RV and plan to be traveling next year, so it was great fun to hear about their plans.

Jim and Dee in NC

Thanks, for a wonderful lunch, Jim and Dee!
We then traveled on to Walterboro, SC, where we headed to the Wal-mart for our overnight stop. Boy, we were ever surprised to see the Wally World parking lot LOADED with RV snowbirds!

Over 33 RV's in the Camp Wally World lot!

Count us as one of them....on the front left!

It really did look like a campground!! We went in and did our requisite shopping then turned in for a good nights sleep. It was back on the road again by 7:30 AM on Tuesday. We were in Florida by 11:30 and headed straight to Florida Grande. Arriving at Florida Grande in Webster around 3:30 we were delighted to find warm, sunny temps and our place ready and waiting for us!! It's good to be here!!! :)

We met up with Paul and Connie and Bobbie and Jim after we got settled and had a great little visit. We've missed these "desert" buddies!!!

Hugs to everyone!!


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the mention guys. It was really great seeing you again. We envy you the freedom of travel and seeing new sights. Good luck, stay safe, and look for us to be on the road before you know it. Cheers! Jim (Tumbleweed 1)

Mike McFall said...

Good to see you out of the cold!! Check my Blog, its been real nice here.

have fun!

Mike (&Pat)

Marcia and Joe said...

Molly h is Jim and Nancy's blog