Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Just another day....

It's Tuesday, January 20, 2009, another Inauguration day in the good 'ole USA. We got up, dressed, and tidied up the MH, as is our usual routine. We picked up the paper from the drive and headed up to the McDonald's in Bushnell to enjoy Sausage, Egg and Cheese McMuffins....2 for $2.00...a bargain! We sat and talked for awhile, enjoying our McMuffins. Of course, it's not Hardee's like in Warsaw, but was 50 degrees this morning here. It's a bit cooler and going to be much colder tonight and for the next two or three days, but it's much warmer than home....so it's all good!
We stopped by to see see Bobbie and Jim for a few minutes, to pick up our chairs and things left there last evening from our Thanksgiving in January Birthday Potluck, and then ended up at Paul and Connie's. We chatted for a good while, until Connie said "I'm hungry...let's go eat!" Imagine that, as eating is one of the things we do best around here. So we mosied on up to The Hayseed in Webster for about the best homemade hamburger around, for $3.65 with fries....another bargain! We continued conversing and solved most of the world's problems by around 2:15 pm.

Paul and Connie Anderson

What a great day, just having good conversation with some fine friends. We plan to play some games again this evening...the gals are on a winning streak so look out...we've got to keep that going!

Hugs to everyone!

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Froggi Donna said...

Great pic of Paul & Connie. Be sure to try out Howie's Restaurant for breakfast. It's just behind the Bushnell Post Office, in the little shopping center (with all the government offices). We ate there several times. Also the Campsite Restaurant few miles south of there, I had the best salmon ever!!