Thursday, January 29, 2009

Manatee Festival in Crystal River

Joe and Marcia suggested that the Manatee Festival in Crystal River would be an interesting outing, so on a sunny, eighty degree Saturday, we drove about 40 miles west of here to the little town of Crystal River.

The Live Oaks and Spanish Moss form an inviting tunnel driving thru Floral City

There were lots of street vendors with crafts, and food and wildlife displays. Many of the local Wildlife preservation groups were there providing education about protecting and preserving our wildlife and state and national parks areas.

A Red-tail or Chicken Hawk gets rehabilitated!

and this Barred Owl is very unconcerned about it all!

The Manatee Conservatory was offering kayaking trips to the Manatee area, but it was a very busy day, so we decided we will return to kayak with the manatees on another day! It was a pleasure just to enjoy the sunshine and warm temps at this small town festival!

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